Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom Leaving General Hospital Temporarily


Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom Leaving General Hospital TemporarilyWhen precocious General Hospital’s Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel) takes his leave of Port Charles August 4, expect another character to go MIA. A brand new General Hospital spoiler reveals that Laura Spencer will accompany her grandson out of town.

But no need to worry GH fans, Genie Francis’s leave of absence is temporary. She will be off the canvas for several weeks, as it’s been written into the show that she takes Spencer to his new digs, and helps him settle in.

Viewers know that Spencer’s move is in his best interest seeing as how he’s developed a passion for getting revenge on his Uncle Valentin (James Patrick). Really, do you blame him?

Of course, it’s not a healthy impulse, but it is a completely understandable one. Valentin killed Spencer’s father Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) and has subsequently taken over what he sees as his rightful Cassadine inheritance.

With news breaking this week that Christopher has signed with rival soap Days of Our Lives, it makes no sense for the littlest Cassadine to stick around Port Charles; next stop, Salem?!

In the coming weeks, viewers will miss not only Laura and Spencer but Laura’s boyfriend as well. Jon Lindstrom, who portrays Dr. Kevin Collins will be off camera for an extended period as well. Luckily GH has another psychiatrist on staff!

Let’s hope Francis and Lindstrom make the most of their well-deserved break since there’s no way fans would sit silent for long if they thought they’ve seen the last of Laura and Kevin. Francis is a GH institution and Lindstrom also has a rich history on the super soap, having played two roles at one point in time.

TPTB report that both stars’ absences are temporary at this point, with each planning to return to the hit ABC sudser come autumn.

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  • Can NOT stand this whole story.. But, LOVE Kevin and Laura!!!

  • I understand the actors need time off but what I don’t understand is these two actors are not on that much to begin with. So, is it their choice to be off or is it someone else?

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  • Bonnie Riffle

    Genie and Jon will be back when fall comes,And maybe they will have a storyline of their own by then I hope.

  • Bonnie Riffle

    Genie and Jon will be back when fall comes and maybe by then they will have their own storyline I hope.