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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Get Into Nasty Fight Again

Could there be trouble in paradise? That’s what some fans can’t help but wonder as it looks like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have gotten into yet another nasty red carpet fight again. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Get Into Nasty Red Carpet Fight Again

While on the red carpet for the world premiere of her new movie, The Mother, it looked like both Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck had some choice words to share with one another.

Even though no one knows what they said to one another, at one point Ben could be seen pointing his finger in his wife’s direction. That’s never a good sign, right?

But because the cameras were rolling on them, Ben and Jen snapped out of their fight pretty quickly and then gave the photographers exactly what they wanted, and that was a nice long kiss for the cameras.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Get Into Nasty Red Carpet Fight Again

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that their marriage has become a concern or at least their behavior in public has raised some eyebrows. Back in February, it was reported that Jen and Ben were struggling to save their marriage.

The speculation began when the Hollywood actor looked like he wanted to be anywhere but beside his wife at the Grammys. Not only that, but The National Enquirer also said that Jennifer was so over her husband Ben’s moody ways and thinks that they need therapy in order to save their marriage.

What’s Next For Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez?

One source put it this way to the publication, “Ben’s unhappiness is mainly due to how controlling and rigid Jennifer is, not to mention her being downright unfriendly to his friends and family. But, in her mind, he’s the one with the issue. She thinks he just needs to snap himself out of his funk because it’s not only embarrassing but also potentially damaging to their brand.”

The tipster also added, “Ben is a dependent addict and Jennifer is a control freak who needs constant affirmation. This is almost as though she’s branding him as her property and sending a signal to the world that he becomes to her – which is ultimately a recipe for failure in a solid relationship.”

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  1. Joanne says

    Jaylo seems like a high maintenance woman. I heard that when she Was on a private plane. She spoke to a stewardess like she was stupid. Something? About. Didn’t she hear what I told her? I wanted you tell her a Diet Coke. Some people get money get rich famous and they think that gives them the right to treat people anyway they want. But? They’re the same as us if they ever lost their money they probably wouldn’t know what to do with themselves being humanly decent to every human being. As the way the world should be

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