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Kanye West Dines With Trump Advisor Jared Kushner

Kanye WestKanye West ran and lost for President. But Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband reportedly makes a point of holding onto with his political pals. Recently, West proved his desire to keep those contacts strong by dining with a former Trump player, Jared Kushner. 

Find out all about Kanye’s not-so-secret dinner meeting below. And find out why some think that the rapper’s infamous attempt at becoming President impact his now-defunct marriage to Kim Kardashian. Plus: Has Miami become West’s second home base?! We’ve got it all below. 

Kanye West Meets With Jared Kushner

Running for a national public office takes a toll on a marriage. And for Kanye West, that price proved considerable. West failed in his Presidential campaign and impacted his relationship with then-wife Kim Kardashian as well, notes TMZ.

But could a second attempt at the White House remain a possibility? Kanye just demonstrated his desire to maintain his relationships with his friends in politics at a dinner in Miami. Jared Kushner in Miami. Sporting a brightly hued hoodie, West and Trump’s former Senior Advisor dined in Miami Beach at Carbone.

Kushner and Kanye kept their dinner a men’s only affair. Neither the rapper’s current girlfriend, Julia Fox, nor Jared’s wife, Ivanka Trump attended the meeting. As for whether Kim Kardashian got discussed? No spies reported back on that intriguing question. But Kushner did get involved in persuading Kim Kardashian to the White House when Trump was President. She talked about her prison reform goals with the then-President. 

Kanye West Aiming To Toss Hat In Political Arena Again?

In the wake of that meeting, speculation has soared about West’s future in politics. The rapper has shared his support for Trump on several occasion.  And he admitted that sporting his red MAGA hat resulted in problems with his then-wife Kim Kardashian.

But Kanye’s dinner in Miami with Jared consisted of private chat between two old friends, an insider told Page Six. “It was a purely private dinner,” insisted the source. “No business agenda.”

The former White House senior exec, 40, and the rapper, 44, allowed photographers to snap them as they exited their dinner. In contrast to West’s boldly yellow hoodie, Kushner stayed low-key with a dark sweater. And for anyone hoping that the rapper would take advantage of the paparazzi to make a statement about his future, sorry.

But West’s choice of Carbone could indicate that the dinner meetup was important to him. When Kanye staged his first date with new girlfriend Julia Fox on New Year’s Day, he chose the Miami branch of the celebrity cafe. Later, West and Fox headed to the New York location of Carbone for their first date in New York City. Does the rapper’s choice of Carbone for his meeting with Kushner indicate his first discussion about politics in 2022? 

Tell us what you think about Kanye West’s possible future in the political realm. And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for all the celebrity news! 

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