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Counting On Fans Roast Anna Duggar For Liking Elon Musk’s Tweet

Counting OnCounting On fans and millions of other people around the world heard that Elon Musk is buying out Twitter. Anna Duggar also heard about it and reportedly, she responded with a like. It came after he addressed the fears of many people, that the platform would allow free speech and therefore avoid censorship which might spark fake news. Well, a lot of people on Reddit clearly hate the idea of Anna possibly using the platform to advocate for her husband’s release from prison.

Counting On – Duggar Family Openly Supports Trump

TLC fans know that a lot of people in the Duggar family support Donald Trump. Obviously, it’s not a crime to like the former president of the USA. But for many liberals, anyone who dares to like his politics is anathema. So, they celebrated to the hilt when Twitter banned Donald Trump from using the platform. Now, people who do support Donald Trump call for Elon Musk to reinstate the former president of the USA.

Counting On fans know that in the past, Anna Duggar’s brothers have mown huge slogans in support of Donald Trump on the lawn. Plus, at one stage, some members of the Duggar family blamed the arrest of Josh for child porn on the Biden Administration. So, it’s no surprise that Anna is on Twitter and monitors the news about Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform.

Counting On – Critics Roast Anna Duggar For Liking Tweet

When Elon Musk opened up about how he intended to run the platform, a lot of people immediately said they would leave the platform. Well, he countered by saying, “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.” Redditor u/dumpsterhabberdasher reportedly noticed that amongst the 2.2 million people who liked the post at the time, was Anna Duggar.

Counting On Fans Roast Anna Duggar For Liking Elon Musk Tweet
u/dumpsterhabberdasher – r/DuggarSnark / Reddit

The Redditor said to the Counting On alum, “Anna, babydoll, hang it UP. Nobody wants to use their free speech [to] defend your crusty, dusty, musty husband.”  In the replies, other Redditors discussed how Anna might think millions of people want her husband to be acquitted. One of them wrote, “LMAO she probably thinks Twitter is censoring Josh’s defenders but in reality he has none! Pack it up sister.”

Counting On – Other Redditors Who Commented On Elon Musk

More Counting On critics who commented on Anna roasted her family. One of them opined: “The fundie obsession with Elon is so weird. He’s an atheist with two children out of wedlock, is pro choice, and is committed to fighting climate change which they don’t even believe exists. They have absolutely no integrity whatsoever and are the biggest hypocrites.”

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