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Royal Family News: King Charles Delivers Unsettling News To Staff

Royal Family News: King Charles Delivers “Unsettling” News To Staff, They Are Redundant and Could be Laid OffBritish royal family news reveals that King Charles has done an amazing job of stepping up and into his role as the nation’s new monarch. As head of state for less than a week, Charles has garnered the attention and sympathy of a country in mourning for Queen Elizabeth.

He gave a moving and polished speech as his first address and since then has shown decorum and compunction as he mourns in public and leads the nation. Now comes word that, “Up to 100 people (some of them long-time employees) could be let go in the move to Buckingham Palace.” Let’s unpack what this dismal news is about.

Royal Family News – King Charles In Charge

According to Cosmopolitan, King Charles will no longer be using Clarence House as his official residence, he will make the move to Buckingham Palace. “And apparently he’s not planning to take his former staff with him to the palace, because The Guardian reports that dozens of employees were given redundancy notice (aka, notice that they could be laid off).”

Royal Family News – Will Charles Lay Off Staff?

The outlet reports that on Monday Charles’ top aide, Sir Clive Alderton, let around 100 staff members, including Clarence House’s communications team, several private secretaries, household staff, and the finance office, notice that their position could be in jeopardy.

The letter given to staff reads in part: “The change in role for our principals will also mean change for our household. The portfolio of work previously undertaken in this household supporting the former Prince of Wales’s personal interests, former activities and household operations will no longer be carried out, and the household … at Clarence House will be closed down. It is therefore expected that the need for the posts principally based at Clarence House, whose work supports these areas will no longer be needed…. I appreciate that this is unsettling news and I wanted to let you know of the support that is available at this point.”

Royal Family News – Will Charles Fire Loyal Staff?

The Guardian reports that, “Everybody is absolutely livid, including private secretaries and the senior team. All the staff have been working late every night since Thursday, to be met with this. People were visibly shaken by it.”

This is not a good look for a new monarch. Surely, as is the case with everyday business mergers, spots can be found for loyal employees?

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  1. Pamela Nutgrass says

    I like the Countess if Megan wasn’t a trouble maker she would feel comfortably relaxed and friendly with the Countess

  2. JAnn says

    Pamela Nutgrass, what does your liking the Countess have to do with whether or not Meghan Markle was comfortable riding with her. Are you Royal or is it that you are just nosy or think you are Wednesday. You know the week is incomplete without it. That is NOT you. Go clean your bathroom.

  3. Bobbie says

    I do not understand why the people over in that could possibly trust Charles. So many of us in the United States really believe he is responsible for Diane’s death. Look what he has already done to the people over laying them off from their jobs. Why? Cause they all know the truth about Charles and they probably know what Queen Elizabeth really thinks about Charles and his wife. One more thing a lot of the staff members could make a lot of money writing about King Charles and Wife. I believe William should of been King, and never known of anyone treating their son and his wife like Charles has treated him. That’s his own son. Maybe he doesn’t like Harry cause that he had him with Diane. The two young men are nice young men, and nice looking. All I’m saying now!

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