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Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Wish

Queen ElizabethBritish royal family news shows that the holidays are a time when families come together to celebrate the season, to enjoy the festivities in one another’s company. The UK royals traditionally meet up at Sandringham on Christmas to open presents and attend church. This year may be especially poignant for Queen Elizabeth and her nearest and dearest for several reasons.

It will be the first time the family is able to celebrate together since the covid pandemic and the first Christmas in which Prince Philip is not present to preside over the merriment.

Given these factors as well as a couple of other pressing issues, insiders report that the queen is desperate to gather her family around her as 2021 comes to a close.

Is Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Feeling As If This is Her Last Christmas?

Queen Elizabeth has had to withdraw from at least two key public events in the past few days. This is due to her health, a point driven home by a recent hospital stay. The 95-year old queen is the country’s longest serving monarch and this year she lost her husband Prince Philip. He died just weeks shy of his 100th birthday and no doubt Father Time is on the queen’s mind as the days march on.

A source told New Idea that Her Majesty is keen on wanting to see all of her family members this Christmas, allegedly because she fears this could be her last Christmas.

The insider said, “The Queen is not sugar-coating this. She’s told Harry she feels this could well be her last Christmas and she wants to meet her great-granddaughter. There is of course one condition – that Harry makes peace with his father.”

Royal Family News – Will Harry Make Peace?

That could be a very tall order given the way Harry feels not just about his father but about the queen and the monarchy as a whole. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and based on Harry’s rants, his anger and resentment have been building for a long time and that kind of emotional baggage isn’t unpacked overnight.

And yet the source insists that the only present the queen is wishing for this season is a truce between her son Prince Charles and her grandson Prince Harry.

Royal Family News – Will The Queen Get Her Wish?

It’s no secret that 95-year-old royal has been ordered to take two weeks off by the doctors overseeing her care. She has been confined to home rest and performing the lightest of duties via video conferencing.

In her COP26 statement she acknowledged that, “none of us will live forever.” The insider claimed that the statement was made deliberately in an attempt to reconcile her family. Will it happen in her lifetime?

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