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Young And The Restless News: Victoria Rowell Remembers Dru And Neil’s Wedding

Young And The Restless News: Victoria Rowell Remembers Dru And Neil's WeddingThe Young and the Restless (Y&R) alum Victoria Rowell walks down memory lane to talk about Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Dru’s vow renewal in 2003. When the couple first married, the wedding was innocent and subtle, much like their characters at the time. However, when they remarried, the wedding was a tribute to the people they had grown into.

Rowell Helped Produce The Young And The Restless Episode

Even though Rowell had no experience directing, she was invited to help behind the scenes for that episode. She said that it was an experience she will never forget.

“I was very proud of being invited to participate in that way, so those parts behind the camera were exciting for me. In front of the camera, obviously, to work with Kristoff was lovely, but we had many wonderful guests starts in for that episode as well,” Victoria said.

Young And The Restless: Dru’s Hairstyle Stood Out

Victoria laughed that the real star of the Japanese style wedding was Dru’s hair. She said that the producer researched and styled Dru’s hair as an authentic Japanese hairstyle.

“The producers had hired Nancy Morrison, who was a wizard. We researched authentic Japanese wedding hairstyles, and she created the wig. She was marvelous!” Victoria said.

Rowell said that her favorite part of the day was working so closely with St. John. She noted they have wonderful chemistry and it’s something she misses greatly. She said that she and Kristoff always have a great time together.

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