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B&B Recap And Spoilers Thursday May 5: Steffy Reeling, Deacon Comforts Sheila, Zende Rejected

The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers and recap for Thursday May 5, 2022 reveals Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) continues to reel from losing her husband John “Finn” Finnegan (ex-Tanner Novlan). Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) attempts to comfort her.

The Bold And The Beautiful -Deacon Sharpe Comforts Sheila Carter

The Bold And The Beautiful’s Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) stops by to check on Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Sheila has taken Finn’s ring and wallet and must hide them before answering the door. Deacon wants to make sure Sheila hasn’t done anything stupid. Deacon has brought food to Sheila. Sheila asks if Deacon thinks losing Finn is karma. Sheila tells Deacon the only thing that will help her is to see Finn again. Sheila is upset that she couldn’t say a final goodbye to Finn. Sheila knows Steffy won’t let her near Hayes Finnegan (Piper Harriot). Deacon doesn’t believe this is a good idea. Sheila says she had to face Steffy.

B&B – Quinn Forrester Wants Carter Walton’s Opinion

The Bold And The Beautiful’s Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) asks Carter Walton’s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) opinion about jewelry. Carter asks about Quinn and Eric Forrester’s (John McCook) relationship. Quinn believes this is what got them in trouble in the first place. Carter asks if Quinn believes he is trouble. Quinn says she has Carter beat by a mile. Quinn doesn’t understand how Carter could be with Paris Buckingham (Diamond White). Carter tells Quinn it was a rebound and he’s over it. Carter tells Quinn that Paris isn’t in love with Zende. Quinn asks what more Paris could want. Quinn understands why Paris fell in love with Carter. Quinn knows what it is like to be with Carter. Quinn tells Carter how appealing he is to her. Quinn knows that Carter doesn’t feel the same about Paris that she does him.

The Bold And The Beautiful’s Paris Buckingham Visits Zende Forrester

The Bold And The Beautiful’s Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) starts to kiss Paris and she pulls away. Paris says she owes Zende honesty about her feelings. Paris tells Zende how amazing he is. Zende asks why it sounds like Paris is ending things. Zende has always wanted a future with Paris. Paris tells Zende her feelings have changed. Zende wants to know if there is someone else. Paris tells Zende she has feelings for Carter.

B&B – Steffy Forrester Wants Answers

The Bold And The Beautiful’s Steffy tries her best to remember what happened when she and Finn were shot. Steffy doesn’t want to be protected from the truth. Steffy wants to take down the person who took Finn from her. Steffy wants to see the shooter’s face so she can make them pay for taking Finn away. Taylor believes it will take some sort of trigger to bring back Steffy’s memory. Sheila knocks on the door. Sheila wants to see her grandson and needs Taylor’s help.

Taylor tells Sheila she shouldn’t have stopped by like this. Taylor says Sheila should have called her. Taylor invites Sheila in. Sheila tells Taylor how she was shut out of saying goodbye to Finn. Taylor is afraid Sheila will try to harm herself again. Taylor tells Sheila not to blame herself. Steffy is stunned to find Sheila there. Steffy tells Taylor that Sheila is not allowed to see her son. Sheila tells Steffy how sorry she is for her loss.

Sheila starts to leave and Steffy stops her as she keeps seeing flashes of Sheila’s face. Is Steffy remembering that Sheila shot her and killed Finn? Will Sheila attack both Taylor and Steffy before leaving with the baby? Check back tomorrow for a new recap.

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