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B&B Recap And Spoilers Wednesday, November 29: Eric’s Dizzy Spell, Ridge Feels Like A Jerk, RJ’s Update

The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, November 29 indicate that Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) speak with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and discuss Eric Forrester’s (John McCook) condition.

RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) and Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) help Eric with his designs. Eric says Donna knows all of his secrets. Eric starts to discuss a change and goes pale. RJ grabs him before he falls.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Eric Forrester’s Family Is Concerned

Brooke tells Ridge how special it was of Ridge to allow Eric to believe he won the challenge. Ridge says there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his dad. Ridge says he and Eric always worked together until Eric wanted to do his own line.

B&B Recap And Spoilers Wednesday, November 29: Eric’s Dizzy Spell, Ridge Feels Like A Jerk, RJ's Update

Ridge feels like such a jerk after this challenge. Ridge knows that RJ has a lot on his plate. Steffy says this is such a shock because Eric seems so vital and alive.

Steffy says Eric has always been a sanctuary for her Steffy can’t imagine Eric being gone.

Donna Logan Is Forced To Call The Doctor

Donna and RJ get Eric to his chair. Donna calls Eric’s doctor after giving him a drink. Eric says he is feeling better already.

RJ wants Eric to rest, maybe working on this collection isn’t good for him. Donna calls the doctor and tells him it is an emergency.

Eric says it was just a dizzy spell she didn’t need to call the doctor. Eric is ready to go back to work before the doctor gets there.

RJ asks if Eric wants to go back to the house and work. Eric says he’s not doing that. Eric says this is what he wants and what he is going to do until he dies.

Dr. Colby (Justiin Davis) arrives and asks how Eric is doing. Donna tells the doctor that Eric’s condition is getting worse. Donna begs him to do something to help Eric. The doctor wants Eric to go to the hospital but he refuses.

Eric is going to squeeze the life out of every moment he has left and he is going to live until he dies.

Ridge wants to go shake Eric and tell him they know but they can’t Eric needs something to hold onto. Brook doesn’t like talking about Eric this way.

B&B Spoilers: RJ Forrester Reveals Eric Forrester’s Latest Attack

RJ joins his family in the design room and tells them he believes Eric’s condition is getting worse. Eric is eating a little bite at his desk and he is annoyed that the doctor came to the office. Eric says he is feeling good now. Donna tells Eric how scary that was for her.

Donna says it if wasn’t for RJ he may have fallen and never woken up. Eric says it isn’t his time to die yet. Eric kisses Donna and she begins to cry. Eric tells Donna whatever happens she will be fine. RJ tells the family what happened with the doctor.

Ridge asks if Eric went to the doctor and RJ tells him he refused to go. Ridge wants to know why they cannot share this with Eric.

Steffy tries to comfort Ridge. Donna loves Eric. Eric knows how hard this has been. Donna has been so strong for him and he thanks her.

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