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B&B Recap Monday, February 12: Brooke Questions RJ, Li Accuses Poppy, Luna Horrified

The Bold And The Beautiful recap for Monday, February 12, 2024. indicate that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) discuss last night.

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap Highlights

Brooke is thrilled that Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) and Eric Forrester (John McCook) got married last night. Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) arrives to once again berate Poppy Nozawa (Romy Parks) and Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada).

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap – Ridge Forrester And Brooke Logan Approve

Ridge is glad that Eric isn’t coming to work today. Ridge asks Brooke if he has told her how much he likes hanging out with her. Brooke wants to hear it again.

B&B Recap Monday, February 12: Brooke Questions RJ, Li Accuses Poppy, Luna Horrified

Ridge repeats it and Brooke says she loves him. Ridge loves her too. Brooke says Donna woke up as Mrs. Eric Forrester, something she didn’t expect.

RJ arrives and Ridge asks what he thought about the party. RJ says Eric still has it. Brooke asks about RJ and Luna. RJ says Luna is great. Brooke says she and Ridge don’t want to stick their nose in his love life.

RJ meant to spend a few days and leave but he met a wonderful girl and got sidetracked. Brooke and Ridge approve of Luna. RJ tells them he loves Luna.

RJ sends Luna a text message to make sure she is okay.

B&B Recap – Li Finnegan Calls Poppy Nozawa Out Over Her Mints

The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers Poppy tells Li to stay away. Poppy wants to know why Li hates her so much. Li says she doesn’t hate her it is disapproval.

Poppy asks if that is because she has had lovers. Li says lots of lovers, all of them rich. Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) certainly fits the bill.

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Li says she knows about Poppy’s mints and says she is taking drugs. Li says Poppy shouldn’t be shocked. Li is disgusted by the way Poppy treats her body.

Li calls her a druggy and Poppy says no. Poppy takes the mints because it gives her a lift. Li used to be happy to have a little sister until she changed.

Li says Poppy became if different person. Poppy’s unorthodox lifestyle came between them. Li tells Poppy that popping her pills is not setting a good example for her daughter.

Poppy tells Li to back off of Luna. Li wants to know if Luna knows about the mints. Li wants Poppy that this could end very badly.

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap – Luna Nozawa Can’t Believe Her Eyes

Luna wakes up stunned to see Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz). Zende is shocked to find Zende and wants to know where RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) is. Luna asked what happened last night.

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Luna says she was tired and came in there to get a bottle of water. Zende said he came home and found her waiting for him.

Luna needs to know exactly what happened last night. Zende says Luna knows what happened. Luna insists that Zende gives her a robe. Zende asks if Luna is upset with him. Zende says last night was incredible. Luna is horrified by what Zende tells her.

Luna is in love with RJ. Zende says he came home and Luna was waiting there. Zende didn’t think Luna would take him seriously. Luna says she loves RJ she would never do this. Zende says he is crazy about her. Zende asks if she doesn’t remember how incredible it was.

Luna thought she was with RJ. Luna says this doesn’t make any sense. Luna only had a glass or two of champagne. Luna cannot believe she betrayed RJ like this, how could she?

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