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B&B Recap Tuesday, May 28: Finn Busted In Photos, Sheila Thanks Finn, Poppy Stakes A Claim

The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers reveal that the girls have left Steffy Forrester’ (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) wonder where John “Finn” Finnean (Tanner Novlan) is.

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap Highlights

Liam wants a slice of Pizza. Sheila thanks Finn for being at the wedding. Katie Logan (Heather Tom) drops by to speak with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) about Parent’s weekend.

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap – Steffy Forrester Is Livid When She Sees Photos

Steffy and Liam wonder where Finn could be. Tom (Clint Howard) wants Finn to sign the marriage certificate. Finn tells Hope that Steffy wouldn’t be okay with this. Steffy should have never sent Finn to Il Giardino.

B&B Recap Tuesday, May 28: Finn Busted In Photos, Sheila Thanks Finn, Poppy Stakes A Claim

Steffy doesn’t believe Finn would have gone to the wedding if he hadn’t been given an ultimatum. Finn makes it home and Liam leaves. Finn tells Steffy what happened with the pizza. Finn says Sheila and deacon were there.

Steffy is furious when she learns that Finn walked in and attended the wedding. Steffy believes it was a setup, Finn assures her is not a set up.

B&B Recap – Sheila Carter Thanks John “Finn” Finnegan

Tom explains that two signatures are better than one. Deacon offers Tom a job. Deacon thanks Finn of being there.

Sheila hugs Finn again before returning home. hope tells Finn to take it easy on the way home. Hope believes Finn should choose it he wants to see his birth mother or not.

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Hope wishes Finn good luck. Deacon offers Tom a job and vows to train him himself. Thomas doesn’t know much about working in a restaurant. Finn wants Tom to come back during normal work hours.

Deacon sends some food home as well. Deacon tells Hope how much it meant for him to be there. Finn assures everyone he will be fine on the way home.

Finn said there ceremony was sweet but he has to go… Sheila and Deacon go upstairs. Deacon carries Sheila over the threshold and posts pictures on social media.

Deacon says he loves Sheila, she loves him too. Steffy wants to know why Deacon and Sheila were there. Steffy cannot believe Steffy walked into the ceremony. Steffy looks at the photo online and freaks out.

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The Bold And The Beautiful Recap – Poppy Nozawa Stakes Her Claim

Bill and Katie discuss their son’s grades. Bill mentions Luna to Katie. Katie tells Poppy what a good jog she did raising Luna. Poppy thanks her Katie asks about Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) and Bill’s relationship.

Poppy explains a little bit about their meeting but not enough to get Katie started on it. Bill says they have known each other for years. Poppy says you could say she had him first.

Could Poppy be slightly antagonistic toward Katie for now particular reason? Now that Poppy has Bill is she afraid Katie will want him back?

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  1. Giancarlo says

    It was rather odd to have a first-run episode on Memorial Day, but the wedding was wrapped up very nicely. And the hammer is about to come down on poor Finn because Il Giardino entered the social media ether. Where do I get my Il Giardino pizza boxes and carry-out bags?

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  3. […] Bill has a history of stirring up trouble and might decide to take matters into his own hands to deal with Sheila once and for all. […]

  4. Brenda says

    Are you trying to break up Bill and Poppy before they even get going. She hasn’t seen the other side of Bill yet. Better now than after getting married. As far as Katie is concerned, she don’t want Bill. What happened to her and Carter? And Li is a nut case too. I wonder who all she has killed. She is dangerous too. I don’t see any chemistry between Hope and Finn.

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