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B&B Recap Wednesday, April 3: Liam Interferes, Steffy Is Unhappy, Finn Attends The Service

The Bold And The Beautiful recap for Wednesday, April 3 indicate that Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) prepares for Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) memorial service.

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap Highlights

Paul Hollister (Hollis W Chambers) shows up. Deacon thinks he will be grieving alone. Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) arrives and asks Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) if she is going to the memorial. John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) reveals he is attending that memorial.

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap – Liam Spencer Questions Hope Logan

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers reveal that Hope spoke with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) who tried to convince her not to attend the memorial.

B&B Recap Wednesday, April 3: Liam Interferes, Steffy Is Unhappy, Finn Attends The Service

Hope tells Liam that she is going to support her father. Liam stops by to speak with Steffy.

Steffy is sure that Hope is living her best life. Deacon as how Steffy is. Steffy tells Liam that Finn has gone to the memorial service for Sheila.

Steffy is trying to be understanding since Finn needs to try to put an end to this. Liam thinks this is a betrayal.

Liam wants to know what Steffy said to Finn. Finn wasn’t raised by Sheila. Finn had no connection to Sheila until she crashed his wedding. Steffy is where Finn’s loyalty should be, not with Sheila.

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B&B Recap – Steffy Forrester Is Not Happy With John Finnegan

Steffy isn’t the least bit happy that Finn tells her he is going to Sheila’s funeral. Steffy says Sheila would be at their service if she had had her way.

Steffy cannot believe that Finn is serious about going to this event. Finn feels the need to be there. Finn isn’t defending Sheila.

Finn hopes that attending the service will allow him to finally put her behind him. Steffy asks if Finn really thinks he will find a resolution if he attends.

Steffy pulls away from Finn and tells him she doesn’t understand. Steffy tells him to go I he needs to go.

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap – Hope Logan Arrives At The Service

Hope arrives to be there with Deacon. Deacon tells Hope that he reached out to Finn. Finn being there would have meant so much to Sheila.

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Deacon stands at the coffin and talks to Sheila. Finn arrives and Hope greets him. Finn is surprised that Hope is there. Hope is sorry for Finn’s loss.

Hope asks if Finn is okay. Finn doesn’t know what to feel. Deacon tells Finn that he and Sheila are connected, and she would be happy he was here.

Deacon says that Sheila was not all bad. Finn asks Deacon to help clarify what happened for him.

Deacon says Sheila was living a stable happy life most of the time. Finn says Sheila should have known this would not end well. Deacon says whatever the case, it is just tragic. Hope says it is clear that Sheila’s death is impacting both of them.

Deacon tells Finn that Sheila never thought anyone cared about her. Deacon says there was never anyone like Sheila and there never will be again. Deacon doesn’t know how to say goodbye.

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  1. Dana says

    Liam is once again behaving like a little messy man boy! Why does he keep slithering around FC day after day, showing up grinning in Hope’s face,then doing the same in steffy’s?! He’s still waffling between them,looking pathetic as usual. I wish the writers would write him off. His character is not interesting or needed.

  2. Dana says

    Steffy is horrible human being. She always wants support and understanding when SHE is the one going through something,but can NEVER give the same when anyone else needs it. It’s always her way or the highway!

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