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Bold and the Beautiful POLL: Will Hope and Liam Remain Married After Beth-Phoebe Reveal?

Bold and the Beautiful POLL: Will Hope and Liam Remain Married After Beth-Phoebe Reveal?Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle) is elated that Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) is her cousin on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. But viewers know that once all is revealed, many character’s worlds will change dramatically.

While Hope and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) would seem primed to have their union strengthened, a combination of outside forces projects dark clouds forming over the future of their marriage.

As B&B fans recall, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) told Liam that he should be with Hope last year. The end of ‘Steam’ was telegraphed for months, due, in part, to Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) obsession with Steffy.

It’s reasonable to believe that Liam would not have been with Hope if the mother of his first-born daughter, Kelly Spencer (Zoe Pennington), hadn’t given him a hard nudge. What was clear then and now, is that Steffy has influence over Liam.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Who Is Better For Liam, Steffy or Hope?

Liam and Hope did seem to be the better paired couple. Their personalities are more airy then Steffy, who possesses a business drive that bleeds into her personal life. That outlook allowed her to seek and complete an adoption, which is how Beth Spencer-Phoebe Forrester (Isabella de Armas and Redford Prindiville) came to be Kelly’s realized sibling.

Infinite joy will envelope ‘Lope’s’ sunny California lives at some point in the future. Phoebe will revert to Beth, which will shock the grief out of Hope and Liam.

As B&B is the last remaining half-hour daytime drama, the show can push this storyline along if it wants to, as a lesser number of characters exist. So, the Beth revert could be seen later this spring, or in early summer, rather than later in the year, or even in 2020, as the one-hour soaps might be prone to do.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Is Lope Over?

Hope and Liam will experience sublime happiness in reclaiming their daughter. But Steffy’s loss will spark Liam’s compassion and need to emotionally support his other daughter’s mother.

At the same time, the reconnection between Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and Hope is developing because of Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri). The bond between Hope and Douglas won’t break, as Thomas’ fondness for his former love increases, which spells additional trouble for ‘Lope’. With both halves of this couple being conflicted the prospects of them remain together for long seem slim.

Fans of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ rightfully express their opinions on a regular basis. So, will Hope and Liam remain married after the Beth-Phoebe reveal? Please vote in our poll below!

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  1. Judith Guile Bradley says


  2. Guest says


  3. Guest says

    Liam has always loved Hope and I think there love will be strong enough but I Hope Steffy finds a new love it’s time for her to just Liam along she is not the only one divorce with a baby she needs to get a life and Taylor should never have be brought back to B&B Thomas should mind his on business are get with Flo

  4. Guest says

    Liam & Steffy are a powerful couple.
    They belong together.
    And don’t forget Liam and steffy has a bond more than him and hope.. Steffy & Liam lost a baby and was married.
    They have more of a story than him and hope. And if it wasn’t for Bill.
    They would still be together.
    Just like Brooke & Ridge.. They belong together
    There’s no one better as a pair.
    And that’s how Steffy & Liam Is. Him and hope isn’t a power couple.
    I think that Hope & Thomas will be a good power couple.
    They both have that drive and personality.

  5. Guest says

    Yes with Hope and. Liam wanted her and in the beginning as well they tried to marry twice until Bill and Steffy pulled tricks on them both. If they try to move Thomas to Hope I will stop watching. The last place she needs to be is a daughter in law of Taylor. Again to close of family ties… Just way too stupid.,, Hire more people not relatives to anybody… put flo and Zoe Reese and Shauna for fraud….. half of he place knows and nobody tells and it’s just not normal… Just like the soap.

  6. Guest says

    Stupid question, Hope of course!
    I don’t like Steffy or her mother!

  7. Guest says

    Liam belongs with Hope

  8. Guest says

    Liam belongs with Hope. Steffy needs a new man! Heck, bring back Owen Knight (Brandon Beemer) for Steffy.

  9. Guest says

    you better not break them up after all they have gone through. They belong together, they always have. Steffy has always gotten everything she has every wanted, let her feel the pain for once.

  10. BlueCoffee says


  11. Guest says

    Noooooooo. I’m still waiting for a steffy and Liam reunion

  12. Guest says

    Hope and Liam and baby Beth 100% finally needs a chance to be the family they should have been all the time

  13. Guest says

    Liam belongs to Hope. Steffy meddled in Hopes life long enough.

  14. Guest says

    No, he needs to stay with Hope and give them back their baby. This been going on way to long…move on to something else getting bored.

  15. Guest says

    Team Liam and Hope..We have watched this movie playout with Steffi. Please get her a man, not Liam, for the upteenth time

  16. Guest says

    Steffy and Liam.

  17. Guest says

    I say Sally!!! Liam needs stephie to make him adventurous!!! They always have a great time, when they do spontaneous things!!! They hotta be careful though now theyhave a baby (Liam-2).

  18. Guest says

    I meant to put STEPHANIE!!!!! not Sally@@@

  19. Guest says

    Hope &Laim forever

  20. praying lady says


  21. Guest says

    Excuse Me! It was Steffens who told hope that She needed to be with Liam. & when Hope took off her wedding ring it was Liam & Steffy who said No & that he loved her & wanted to be with her. & Steffy who said you don’t mean that. You love Liam & you guys need each other!!
    So it’s NOT STEFFY chasing after poor lost Liam. Like some of you are suggesting! OR TAYLOR pushing her to him. Maybe she did at first not not. Steffy needs a real man who is strong, ambitious & loves kids.

  22. Guest says

    Good luck , Steffys a witch, a liar, a manipulating idiot, why would Liam want her back?? She slept with his father, how could anyone ever forget that

  23. Guest says

    Yes,please f find another man for stiffy who isn’t wyatt,Liam or bill

  24. Guest says

    Let them be the happy family they deserve,hate seeing hope so devastated

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