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Bold and the Beautiful Recap & Spoilers Friday June 12: Wyatt To The Rescue – Liam & Steffy Reunited

bold and the beautiful recap quinn fuller, liam spencer, wyatt spencerThe Friday, June 12, 2020, The Bold & the Beautiful recap wraps up Fan Choice Week with a rebroadcast from 2016.

Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) begs her son to leave and forget what he saw. Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) needs to go back to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and let Quinn live her life with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Wyatt can’t ignore that Quinn kidnapped Liam, that Liam and Quinn were in bed together, and that Liam has no idea who he is. Quinn pleads that they both can have everything they’ve ever wanted if Wyatt walks away and never looks back.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap & Spoilers: Wyatt Races To Save Liam From His Mom

Wyatt calls his mother disgusting and crazy. He demands she give him the keys to the cabin. When she refuses, Wyatt breaks the door in. He asks Liam to trust and come with him right now. Liam remembers that he’s in love with Steffy and that Wyatt is his brother. Liam calls Quinn a monster who robbed him of his life and family.

Quinn tries to make Liam understand. She researched his condition and tried to care for him. She pleads her love for him. He accuses her of holding him against his will when she should have taken him to the hospital after he fell and hit his head. She says that Adam and Eve could still be together. Liam says that he always had the feeling that his real “Eve” was still out there. Wyatt freaks when Liam says that he’s going home to Steffy.

Quinn asks Wyatt to help him convince Liam to take her back. Liam threatens Quinn with prison. Quinn and Wyatt lock a screaming Quinn in a closet. Liam tells Wyatt to take him to Steffy.

B&B Spoilers & Recap: Steffy and Bill Worry About Missing Liam

Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) grills Steffy about where Liam went. She believes he’s at a retreat, but it’s hard to understand why he’d leave his job and family for weeks. Steffy and Bill worry about Liam. He’s changed into a distant, angry person Steffy doesn’t recognize. Bill knows instinctively that something’s wrong with his son. Bill says Liam hasn’t made any credit card charges or taken cash from his account. Liam is in trouble and they have to find him.

Steffy thought Liam didn’t want anything to do with her. She asks Bill to call Liam and tell him they’re going to call in the police. Bill won’t stop looking until he has a live conversation with his son.

Steffy and Liam Reunited At Last – CBS Soap Opera Updates

Wyatt calls Bill. Bill is stunned when Wyatt says that he’s got Liam with him and they’re coming to meet him at the cliff house. Bill says Steffy is at the beach and will be happy to see Liam.  Liam is still fuzzy when he sees his house. A forlorn Wyatt shows him the path to the beach and to Steffy.

Steffy sits alone on the beach, reminiscing about Liam and the fight before he walked out in anger. Liam runs to a shocked Steffy. She jumps into his arms. Liam is finally home.

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