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How Many Times Has Katie Logan Been Married On The Bold and The Beautiful?

How Many Times Has Katie Logan Been Married On The Bold and The Beautiful?

CBS The Bold and the Beautiful updates and spoilers reveal that of all the women in L.A., the Logan women have had their fair share of marriages between them.

Some of them have been married so many times, to so many different men, that counting seems a hopeless task better left to the mathematicians—we’re talking about you Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)!

Then there’s the littlest Logan gal who has stood out as a paragon of virtue, a righteous soul who likes poetry and the simple things in life. In fact she’s so unpretentious she was once thrilled to be given a red string to wear on her finger in place of a flashy rock.

So, just how many times has Katie Logan been married? The answer may surprise you!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers – Katie Logan loves Bill Spencer in spite of herself

According to courthouse records, okay make that our records, Katie has entered into marital bliss three times.

Two of those times were to the same man, Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). These two married in 2009 then divorced in 2013. The second time around they married in 2015 and divorced in 2016. The couple has one son together.

Katie was impressed initially by Bill’s gentlemanly ways—that should have been a red flag! Nonetheless, when Bill proposed she said yes and with her family at her side, Katie married Bill in the neighborhood where she grew up in Sherman Oaks. Later, when he took over Forrester, he made Katie the CEO.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers – Katie had a marriage that ended in annulment

Beside Dollar Bill, Katie was briefly married to Thorne Forrester. The couple was not married long, as they annulled their union a year after matrimony.

At this time Bill and Katie are engaged, but they have yet to remarry for a third time. Will the third time around be the charm for these two?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers – Katie and Bill can’t seem to escape Brooke Logan’s shadow

At this time Bill and Katie are estranged due to his kissing her sister Brooke Logan. This is a pattern with Bill, who hasn’t seemed to be able to get Brooke out of his system. Unfortunately, the Brill kiss was witnessed by their friends and family via a purloined videotape.

Humiliated, Katie dumped Bill (again) and swore they were through. But are they really? Be sure to tune in and find out!

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    I would have thought she had been married more than that but I guess she never married Ridge.

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    She slept with Wyatt in all their costumes they kept it a secret. Can't remember if someone told on them or they got caught.

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