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The Bold And The Beautiful Rumors: Eric And Donna’s Affair Leads To Pregnancy?

The Bold And The Beautiful: Eric Forrester (John McCook) Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) The Bold and the Beautiful rumors indicate Eric Forrester (John McCook) and Donna Logan’s (Jennifer Gareis) has unexpected consequences.

B&B pulled a shocking twist when they revealed that Eric and Donna were having an affair. Donna is happy to be back with her Honey Bear despite previous vows she wouldn’t interfere in his marriage.

Eric and Donna are doing a good job of hiding their affair, but the couple is in for a big surprise.

The Bold And The Beautiful Rumors – Donna Logan Becomes Pregnant With Eric Forrester’s Child

Eric and Donna are happy with their current arrangement. Donna gets to have her Honey Bear anytime she wants, while Eric can keep his mistress and his wife Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer). While their current situation works out well, it won’t be too long before Donna wants more from Eric.

She’ll get tired of hiding their relationship and will want Eric to make a commitment to her. Eric will try to soothe Donna’s tantrum and convince her to continue with the way things are. However, the situation becomes more complicated when Donna becomes pregnant with Eric’s baby.

B&B Spoilers – The pregnancy Has Eric Forrester Contemplating His Future

Finding out he’s going to be a dad again will be a huge shock to Eric on the Bold and the Beautiful. He’ll be filled with a mix of emotions including joy and panic. Donna’s pregnancy causes a massive problem for the Forrester patriarch.

Eric thought he had it all with Quinn and Donna. By staying with Quinn, he wouldn’t have to worry about divorce or losing his money. Yet, Eric may end up losing both.

Eric will be in a difficult situation now that Donna’s pregnant. There’s no way she can hide it, and people will become suspicious. Eric wants to be a part of the child’s life and doesn’t want Donna to go at it alone.

Yet, to be part of the baby’s life, Eric will have to confess about his and Donna’s affair.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Quinn Fuller Heartbroken Over Eric Forrester’s Betrayal

It’s only a matter of time before Quinn discovers her husband’s infidelity. As if Eric cheating on her wasn’t enough, Quinn will be dealt a double heartache with Donna’s pregnancy.

Quinn will be devastated over Eric’s betrayal. After her and Carter Walton’s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) affair last year, Eric forgave her. Although they had their problems, Quinn thought they’d move past that, but she was wrong.

the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Quinn will look like a fool when Eric and Donna’s affair is exposed. She’ll be angry that another Logan woman interfered in her marriage and stole her husband. She’ll also wonder if this was Eric’s payback for her affair with Carter.

While Quinn’s heart is broken, it won’t be for too long. She’ll have Carter by her side, and they’ll rekindle their romance. But Quinn isn’t finished with her ex-husband.

Quinn isn’t going to let Eric get off so easily. She’s going to make him pay for cheating on her, and given Quinn’s temper, Eric may regret his decision to stray from his wife.

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