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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Gets Ultimate Revenge, Busts Carter And Quinn

Then Bold And The Beautiful: Brooke (Kathering Kelly Lang) The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Carter and Quinn’s secret not staying a secret for much longer. When Brooke gets wind of their affair, she can’t wait to bust up the vow renewal ceremony.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Payback Time For Quinn  Forrester

Quinn (Rena Sofer) wants to secure her marriage as well as she can and show Paris (Diamond White) that Eric (John McCook) is happy with her and that it would be a shame to spill the beans about Quinn sleeping with Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Quinn doesn’t count on someone else doing that who is decidedly not Paris.

Maybe Quinn should speak softer and not where walls are so thin the next time she wants to plead with someone to keep quiet because as she gives that one last effort, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) overhears all and knows she finally has Quinn where she wants her.

Never forget that when Quinn got wind of the fact that Brooke kissed Bill (Don Diamont) before she was to renew her vows with Ridge, she revealed all at Brooke and Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) last vow renewal. Brooke decides she will do the same and keep this juicy information for the last minute.

B&B Spoilers – Things Get Awkward For Carter Walton And Zoe Buckingham

It was bad enough that Eric asked Carter to officiate the ceremony because that’s always Carter’s job. He couldn’t say no so he is standing right at the altar when the sparks start flying. Brooke does hesitate for a bit before she comes clean with everything because she doesn’t want to hurt Eric, but in the end, she feels he deserves to know. Sometimes you can’t go into a fresh start in a marriage flying blind.

When Brooke reveals all, Carter looks like he is about to pass out and Quinn tries to tell Eric that Brooke is just trying to get revenge and has always hated her. Eric is not sure who to believe but something tells us that Eric will believe Brooke over Quinn, especially when he sees the look on Carter’s face. And then that just leaves a devastated Zoe (Kiara Barnes)… Stay tuned to The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays to see how this story plays out.

  1. Guest says

    Yes, yes. Yes !!!!

  2. Tonja TaLichious Rounds says

    Yes it's about time.

  3. Guest says

    Glad is not the word, it gives me more pleasure than that, it's been a long time coming, but it's finally time.

  4. Guest says

    You reap what you sow. Bye, Quinn!

  5. books says

    Happy Happy Happy.

  6. books says

    I am very happy and glad Quinn is finally getting caught. When she is booted out, hopefully her BFF, Shauna, goes with her.

  7. Grannylou says

    Not that BB cares but I turned it off today. Same ole same ole. Keep Brooke and keep dragging on with Bill and his son. You can predict every day that nothings new. Eric with another Logan. Disgusting!!!!! Quinn and Shauna adds life to the dead BROOKE show.

  8. Grannylou says

    I wish Eric would forgive her because they do love each other.

  9. Guest says

    I like Quinn at least she’s not boring but can not stand Brooke

  10. sapphire playz says

    I do too. Brooke needs to worry about her own relationships instead of everyone else's.

  11. Guest says

    Oh come on QUINN NEEDS TO GET WHATS COMING TO HER Ive watched this soap for a long time since day 1and she’s got a way with everything ,but murder she’s a great actress

  12. Guest says

    Not that Quinn's behavior is right, but I just don't know where Brooke feels she has the right to judge. She has cheated on every spouse and/or family member she has! She is so too faced!

  13. Guest says

    Brooke can not say anything about Quinn,She has been with everything man on BB.Even her daughters husband.She is jealous of Quinn.

  14. Guest says

    I hope Ridge gets with Shanna.

  15. Guest says

    Yes both of them ridiculous story line that why would he jeopardize such a important job for the likes of quinn

  16. Guest says

    I’m tired of same ole crap about Vinny ,now Justin and Thomas same ole over and over come on move on a little , let’s see Thomas get his justice with the killing of Emma Barber ,by running her off the road and watching her die in her car , come on new stuff !!

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