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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Can Eric’s Marriage Survive?

The Bold And The Beautifull Eric Forrester (John McCook) Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer)The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers reveal that the drama involving Eric, Quinn, and Carter has only begun.  And as we look at what might happen next in this unexpected bed-hopping story arc, we wonder whether Eric can survive his marriage. 

See if you agree with all the different perspectives on Eric’s new story line.  And consider what could (and should) happen next on The Bold And The Beautiful. 

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – ‘Take My Wife… Please’

Some of us may remember how stand-up male comedians used to mock their wives.  For example, a familiar phrase consisted of “Take my wife,” followed by “please, by the time she’s finished dressing for a party, it’s the next day!”

But when The Bold And The Beautiful Eric Forrester (played by John McCook) urges Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) to take his wife Quinn Fuller (portrayed by Rena Sofer), well, “funny” isn’t exactly the right descriptor.

And fans didn’t seem to find it particularly humorous either.

After Quinn and Carter obeyed Eric and hopped into bed together, the Facebook Bold And The Beautiful page lit up with strong reactions. 

“Disgusting!” responded one fan.   And some attacked Quinn, calling her a “hormonal child” and urging her to stay true to Eric. 

But others pointed out that the writers wanted to show Eric’s struggles with ED to bring “real problems to the forefront.”   Most fans, however, seemed to feel that the “morals have gone out the window.”

B&B Spoilers – Quinn And Carter To Blame?

A common theme in all the feedback on the cuckolding scenario: Blame Quinn and Carter.  Even though Eric was the one who urged Carter and Quinn to canoodle, viewers seem to feel Quinn and Carter should have just said no.

And some slammed the writers for a story arch that indicates if your husband suffers from ED, you get a free ticket to hop in bed with another man.  But the scapegoating of Quinn and Carter didn’t stop there. 

“Quinn is so supposed to be so in love with Eric!” pointed out one Bold And The Beautiful fan. 

“Who cares if [Eric] said to go be with Carter? Show some respect for your marriage.”

Carter came in for his own share of blame. For instance, some viewers of The Bold And The Beautiful felt Carter should show respect for Eric as the man for whom he works. 

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers –  Stand By Your Man, Say The Bold And The Beautiful Fans

Ultimately, fans seemed united in agreeing that Quinn should “stand by her husband and support him.”

And many predicted doom for Eric’s marriage.  “Although Eric says it’s okay now, this will never be okay,” added one fan. “He will get hurt in the end.” 

Eric has always reigned as one of the strongest characters on The Bold And The Beautiful. To see him sacrifice himself for what he believes will make Quinn happy truly seems like a sad story line. 

Can his marriage survive?  Tweet us your views! And be sure to check back on our site for all your news about The Bold And The Beautiful. 

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