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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn Baby Shocker, Pregnant With Carter’s Baby?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn Baby Shocker, Pregnant With Carter's Baby?The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers and rumors tease that Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) and Carter Walton’s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) recent affair may have an unexpected side effect! Will Quinn find she’s pregnant with Carter’s baby in future episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers And Rumors – Menopause Baby?

Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful know that Quinn’s son with Bill Spencer, (Don Diamont) Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) is an only child. Quinn was nineteen when Wyatt was born, and now she is fifty-three. Quinn’s biological time clock has probably been ticking for a few years, and she may have already assumed she has been through the “change” if she hasn’t had periods recently, or they have been few and far between. After being married to Eric Forrester (John McCook) for so long, who has had a vasectomy, it may not have occurred to Quinn that she could become pregnant from her trysts with Carter.

When they continued to have their trysts, he may have used protection but that first time, it was so spontaneous that neither would have given protection a second thought! The fact that Carter’s then fiancée Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) walked in on them would have made it even less likely that any precautions were taken. Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful will recall that Quinn dove under the bed and hid! If Quinn does find herself pregnant, it certainly wouldn’t be the first “menopause” baby ever created!

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers And Rumors – Quinn Forrester Decided To Stick With Eric Forrester

Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful will recall that in spite of Quinn and Carter having realized they’d fallen in love, they both realized it was wrong since Quinn was still legally married to Eric! Quinn decided to stick with Eric, and so she and Carter had to break up even though it was heartbreaking for both of them. Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful know that it would be a huge complication if after all of that, Quinn is pregnant!

There would be a huge dilemma for all concerned; for Eric, who would have to decide whether to adopt the baby should he and Quinn stay together; for Carter, who would have to make a decision as well, and for Quinn herself, who may be torn between going through with the pregnancy or deciding to abort! As for Brooke and Ridge Forrester, (Katherine Kelly Lang, Thorsten Kaye) they would likely have a field day with the news and Brooke would be sticking it to Quinn while trying to convince Eric to kick her to the curb, baby or no baby! Ridge wouldn’t even believe Quinn is pregnant – he’d warn Carter against falling for her scheme!

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers And Rumors – Would Wyatt Spencer And Flo Logan Get A Say?

Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful may wonder if Quinn turned up pregnant, would Wyatt and Flo Logan (Katrina Bowden) get a say? Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful can easily see Flo and Wyatt trying to intervene in an untenable situation and possibly even get the rest of the younger Forresters and Spencers involved! Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline Macinnes Wood) for one may advocate for the baby and possibly putting it for adoption if Quinn didn’t want to bring the baby into such a horrible mess.

She may not like Quinn but the baby would be seen as an innocent party, and she knows from several years ago that many would-be parents would love to adopt a mixed race baby, or any baby at all! She is a new mom to Hayes Forrester Finnegan (Piper Harriott) now, but several years ago she adopted Beth Spencer (River Davison) not knowing she was really Liam and Hope Logan Spencer’s (Scott Clifton, Annika Noelle) baby! Wyatt and Flo may want to raise his little brother or sister as well, not to mention that Carter wants a family and he’d certainly want to be involved!

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    Quinn pregnant….. seriously????? Can you writers stop redoing storylines!!!!! MOVE ON..

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    Rena Sofer is 52!!!! Way too old to conceive. If they wanted that story line, they should have gone with someone of child bearing age. Ridiculous!

  3. OtisJoe says

    Quinn got fixed she cant have anymore children..Thats a no brainer..

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