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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Loses Everything

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) world is about to crumble around her, and when the dust settles she will be in for a rude awakening. 

Steffy has been standing on business, and dishing out ultimatums left and right.  But, what’s a girl to do when everyone calls her bluff and she’s left with nothing?  Here’s what’s happening next on Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers ahead!

According to B&B spoilers, by the end of this month Steffy Forrester will begin to spiral.  When the Logan women are done, Steffy may not have a role at Forrester Creations or a marriage.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Steffy Forrester’s World Comes Crashing Down

Steffy Forrester warned her husband Dr. John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) what would happen if he continued spending time with Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). 

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Loses Everything

Clearly Steffy can’t keep Finn and Sheila apart, so she’s going to have to turn a blind eye to Finn’s extracurricular activities or make good on her threats and serve him with divorce papers. 

Hope Logan will be more than happy to give newly single Finn a shoulder to cry on, which will only infuriate Steffy MORE.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Steffy’s marriage isn’t the only loss she could take.  Steffy let her emotions get the better of her and threatened to cancel Hope’s fashion line, Hope For The Future (which is a part of Forrester Creations).

Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) managed to talk his daughter off the ledge on Bold and Beautiful and convince her to think of the family’s company.  But, the damage was already done and Hope and her mom Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) are livid.

B&B Spoilers – The Logans Want Revenge

If Steffy Forrester thought she could threaten to take away the Logan women’s livelihood and not face repercussions, she has another thing coming.  Hope and Brooke are already plotting to overthrow Queen Steffy at Forrester Creations. 

B&B spoilers tease Brooke will step in and convince Ridge his daughter has way too much power at Forrester’s and she may even campaign for a CEO role.

Do you feel bad for Steffy Forrester?  Will she really lose her job AND her husband in one foul swoop?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here on Celebrating the Soaps for more B&B spoilers and updates.

  1. V.Irvin says

    B&b is getting =eal stupid. Steffy should not be in another love triangle with hope the hoe. That’s why alot of fans have stop watching this soap. And in the real world how can the lonely Logans can take over steffy family business. Really

    1. Vickey Farley says

      If the logans take over and steffy loses everything, u will be losing this viewer.I am so tired of the logans controlling everything.Its called Forrester creations for a reason.disgruntled fan big time!!!

      1. dragon says

        steffy brings it on herself

    2. Sarah says

      How is Hope the ho? She was married to Liam forever as he ran back and forth between her and Steffy. When Hope finally had enough and (as much as I hated her and Thomas together) she fell for Thomas. Steffy not only convinced her brother to leave Hope but to take their son with him. Steffy then immediately tried to cancel Hope’s line without even discussing it with her co-CEO. And somehow Hope is the ho?

    3. Robin Hughes says


  2. Kimberly says

    Why is it that none of the Forresters can be really really happy? Well they finally did it, they have changed the Bold and the Beautiful all about the Logans and they are about to change Hope into Brooke’s mini-me. Also I don’t see how Luna is Bill’s daughter when she doesn’t look anything like him. As of Thursday just passed. I stopped watching the Bold and the Beautiful.

  3. Joni says

    I would love nothing more then to see the She-Bully Steffy lose everything to Hope and the Logan Women! It’s long over due to take her down a notch or two!

    1. Purple cow says

      Steffy is running around telling everyone and anyone what they better not do , or who they can talk too…Hope is not a hoe, but Steffy will be sorry she kept poking that bear. Man up Finn, your wife is a bully..If it wasn’t for Steffy, Thomas would still be here, even though I HATED Hope & Thomas together..

      1. Terry says

        I agree…Steffy is getting what she deserves…Finn is being very patient…

    2. Lynda says


    3. Lisa says

      Yes I agree. Time for Stetty to get what she deserves

  4. Nancy says

    I do not feel sorry for Steffy. She has tried to control everyone and has no feelings when destroying people. She puts personal over business. Now she needs a taste of her own medicine….as the saying goes, ” Karma Is a Bitch”!

    1. Purple cow says

      So true!

  5. Cindy says

    As a looooong time viewer (since the beginning!) The power has always shifted back and forth between the Forresters, Logans and Spencers.
    It is not unusual for children to resemble one parent more than the other. Liam and Wyatt don’t look like Bill either.

  6. Nadine says

    The reason I stopped watching almost a year ago is cause the writers are too in love with the Logan’s. It’s pathetic. It’s no wonder the ratings are continually falling. I hate this show.

  7. Tammy says

    Stuffy, has not been a saint , she’s slept with liem, bill and wasn’t she also with Wyatt too?
    She cast a holier than thou superiority towards others, and tries to control people especially her husband ,when she’s no better.
    I’d like to see her knocked down off that petal stool!!!

    1. Purple cow says

      Me too!

      1. Terry says


  8. Marnie says

    No, I DO NOT FEEL SORRY, BAD for Steffy. She has hurt so many people for so long she now deserves to get a taste of Karma. She back stabbed Hope for so many years with Liam had hope locked in a gondola took her child and had the nerve not to give her back right away. PLEASE STEFFY DESERVES TO HAVE EVERYTHING RIPPED FROM HER. She can have Smelly,stinky,flopper, waddles Liam.

    1. Terry says
  9. Amelia Gaddis says

    Steffy needs to be brought down.

  10. Purple cow says

    True, I agree

  11. Velvetlady says

    I will always be a Steffy fan no matter what

  12. Tracy says

    well I think steffy need to mind she own business an let her husband be a man stop trying to tell him what to do all the time and as far as Hope she turning out to be her mom not so hope for the future now just man hungry

  13. Laura says

    Karma is a b****Steffy took Liam when he was Hope’s boyfriend & husband. Steffy feels entitled like her ugly grandmother. She hurts others, talks down to others! Straight up bully!!! I’m looking forward to Hope taking her husband & Brooke taking more control of Forester Creations. If it wasn’t for the Logan’s through the years, there would be no company. And as far as kids looking like their parents; hello, it’s a TV soap. Everyone is an actor. No relation. Unfortunately what we see happens in real life. The bully tryst to control everyone & everything.

  14. Kathy says

    Steffy will just run back to open armed Liam.

  15. Kodi says

    Steffy deserves everything she gets, she believes that the world revolves around her and when things don’t go her way she throws a tantrum like a 2 yr old.
    She has the ‘poor me” syndrome.
    When she loses everything, that’s on her and no one else is to blame

  16. Grace says

    I have watched B&B ever since the beginning. I’m about to stop watching. Hope is just like her mother! She’s a phoney! Tries to put off “a good girl image”. She’s a hoe just like Brooke. She will never measure up to Steffy! What is Donna’s role. She’s a waste.She doesn’t deserve Eric.

  17. Lisa Tl says

    I stopped watching the show after Brooke with self righteous ways didn’t get what was coming to her. She destroys everything that comes her way.Her daughter is the same way. Are there any other men they can go after besides other people husbands? This show is ridiculous

  18. Gj says

    All the things she’s done over the years and gotten away with, she deserves to have karma hit her heavily.

  19. Jean Miller says

    Good for her. She thinks she’s untouchable and can interfere in everyone else’s lives .. for their own good, of course. She’s spoiled and over privileged .. not to mention pretty much slutty herself. Not thrilled with Hope and Finn hooking up but Steffy has slept with Liam while he and Hope were together more times than one can count .. plus his Dad .. and his brother. She needs knocked down a few pegs. Bring Thomas back and have him restore HFTF to its max.

    1. Terry says

      Exactly Steffy acts all sanctimonious accusing hope of poor choices when it is she who has slept with way more men than Hope…and that child she has with Liam is probably Bills…She’s a trashy sanctimonious spoiled brat …It’s her way or the highway…She’s disgusting

  20. Victoria Cobham says

    Hello I feel it’s about time Stephanie gets what’s coming to her . Also remember when she stoled Liam from hope well carma is finally coming to Stephanie as hope hopefully steaks finn I really like those two together no demands just caring for hope and ginn… Stephanie is getting on my nerves with her demands and bossy to people looks good on her what ever comes her way .

  21. Pearl Lang says

    Steffy is the way she is, because of the Logans. Brooke slept with every man the Forrester family. The Logans think they are entitled. Ridge always side with the logans over is own children. This show is ridiculous, and should be taken off the air.

  22. Betty says

    I am so sick and tired of how the writers and how they are making the characters behave.I can’t stand Hope or Sheila she should have made her stay dead.I have been watching Bold and Beautiful for a long time and it’s getting to the point where I am not going to watch it anymore. I don’t like the way it is going.And Finn is a big cry baby and Hope is a slut.

  23. […] Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) knows she needs to keep her husband in check or he will do all sorts of crazy things. […]

  24. Serrna says

    Hope has been a recipient of Steffy’s daddy issues for decades. Ok, so Ridge dumped Taylor for Brooke. So what? Steffy yapped at Hope that Ridge is not Hopes father, so ordered her to stop calling him dad. Then Steffy goes after Oliver, Hopes first boyfriend. That got boring so then Steffy went after Liam.. . Gondola, followed them to Italy and bagged him again. I thought when she found Finn, maybe Steffy would grow up. She is way too much like Grandma. We saw where Eric went…straight to a Logan

  25. Tammy says

    Hope was the nicest, but ya can only take so much. Steffy has undermined her since before Liam with boyfriends and life. She finally has started to engage on a level of understanding how steffy’s no rules games go. I hope she lays her out. Steffy should have stayed out of Thomas and Hope’s relationship and let them figure it out. She has to pay!!!!!!

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