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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, June 27: Thomas Scores Drugs for Sneaky Liam Plan – ‘Bridge’ Tension Erupts Over Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, June 27: Thomas Scores Drugs for Sneaky Liam Plan – ‘Bridge’ Tension Erupts Over Hope“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Thursday, June 27, tease that Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) will find herself stuck in the middle. She’ll be at the center of Ridge Forrester’s (Thorsten Kaye) growing conflict with Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang). These two don’t see eye to eye about Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), so expect the tension to intensify as Thomas keeps up his pursuit.

Brooke will have one idea about what’s next for Hope, but Ridge will have quite another. They’ll clash over Hope’s future, but shouldn’t Hope be the one deciding this? Whether Hope makes the right call or not, it’s her call to make. Hope has been dragging her feet on a romantic relationship with Thomas, but she does care about him and finds his presence comforting.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers say Thomas will hope to build on that. He’ll want to keep making progress, but he’ll worry Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) will remain a problem. Hope still loves Liam and he loves her, too. Thomas will feel like he needs a way to force a clean break. He won’t think a simple annulment is cutting it, so he’ll plan to spark a truly steamy “Steam” reunion.

Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has certainly been bonding with Liam again lately. He loves being a full-time dad to the girls, and he’s happy to be near Steffy as well. Thomas will believe he can use their growing connection to his advantage. He’ll just think they need a little nudge to help them move things along.

That’s why Thomas will summon an old friend for assistance. B&B spoilers say Vincent Walker (Joe LoCicero) will show up with some drugs for Thomas. Once Thomas hands over the money, he’ll prepare to carry out his nefarious plan. It turns out Thomas wants to drug Liam and lower his inhibitions. He’ll count on Liam to be pretty out of it and fall right into bed with Steffy.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers say Thomas’ plot will pay off next week, so don’t miss all the action. We’ll give you updates as other B&B news and rumors emerge.

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  1. praying lady says

    I hope that it does! When everything comes out about Thomas and it will in time! Ridge will ask forgives from Brooke and she will give it to him because she loves him. Thomas buying drugs to set up Liam is crazy PLEASE STOP THOMAS NOW OR KILL HIM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guest says

    Do you mean the writers will end a good marriage over this horrible tiring, boring long running, boring
    Ugly Thomas, l am sick to death of looking at that ugly Thomas face, zoe,zander, flo faces and continuing listening to this lagging on and on conversation about poor little Beth . And watching stupid hope giving up her husband listing to Thomas. Please hurry up and bring this boring thing to an end. All viewers who are tired of watching this long running mess need to stop watching until this boring episode ends. I have. Imagine every day looking at Thomas, zoe, flo and zander, discussing the same old boring stuff.

    1. Guest says

      I’m with you, it’s like they can’t come up with a fresh story line so they are going to beat this one to death, scratch that, they beat it to death about a month ago, now it’s just annoying. Actually just started skipping every other day or so, realized I wasn’t missing much. I never thought I would say that about this show, but I’m done, sorry Good luck

    2. Guest says

      I agree I only watch on friday just to see if the crap ended. Zander needs to grow a pair and speak up, hope needs to not be so naive Zoe and Flo are only worried about themselves. Thomas just needs to leave the show. And if llam and Steffi get back together I am done with this show. This has been going on long enough.

  3. Guest says

    It takes the writers too long to solve anything. That’s what makes everything so boring. Please speed up the story line and find some new interesting stories for the actors to portray.

  4. Guest says

    I stop watching, this thing with Thomas is overy bearing an boring.
    U mean to tell me in all these soap opera no young couple can be happy. The Beth story line is going on too long man

  5. Guest says

    The writer need to check because I knw they have lost a lot of viewing.
    Kill Emma an now goin to drug Liam to sleep wit his sister kmt, this is going on too long. I use to like this soap because nothing every stay long to expose.
    I drop Days of our life Guiding Light now Bold and the beautiful too mean sad an wickednessin the soap

  6. Guest says

    I am done with this show I check in on Fridays to see if it ended yet. I think they need new writers, I can come up with better. Crap needs to end.

  7. Guest says

    Yes. I feel the same. I pvr it and just fast forward through mostly everything. Too boring and drawn out for sure. Get it over with already !!!!! I don’t e ven care if I miss an episode right now.

  8. Guest says

    I have stop watching the ball and beautiful every day now. I only watch it once a week. I am sick of this long storyline.

  9. Guest says

    I only watch on Friday… And I make a point to write down the sponsors of the show and not support them !!!

  10. Guest says

    OMG GIVE Hope her little baby back!! This is sickening! Beth is alive and Zoe well her Freaking Dad deserves everything he gets!! Liam & Hope need Beth…. Thomas is UGLY AND VERY OBSESSED with Hope

  11. Guest says

    its about time Hope and Liam need to find out about Beth!!!! Quit dragging this out and Liam needs to be back with Hope not Stephy!!!

  12. Guest says

    This has really gone to far, Hope needs to find out about her baby. How could you let that beautiful black women be kill off. Please let Hope find out about her baby and stop druging people. That doctor needs to pay for what his done

  13. Guest says

    I stop watching BB because they let a couple be happy . This baby drama is boring . Thomas is a crepe . I hope they they change drama soon before they loose another fan.

  14. Guest says

    I agree enough is enough with this story line put a end to it and we need a new story line.

  15. Guest says

    Why’d you even ask? RIDGE IS ALL about himself and his deranged entitled kids, “both” of them, & as far as Thomas, he should have been knocked OFF, not Emma, Emma wasn’t going to lie & that’s why she got killed by the deranged PSYCHOPATH Forrester- there’s nothing exciting about Thomas, he’s ruined, no one wants a nutcase redemption- DOESN’T work that away, how many more “Head cases” on B&B — pretty soon every one will have been hit on the head – -Steffy had a brain- injury, $-Bill was hit on the head, when he was tossed off the balcony, Steffy she had a brain trauma, and Liam had a brain problem when Quinn had him – now Another Forrester Brain problem , ring AROUND the family Thomas is next in line , writers “Come ON ” enough IS ENOUGH-

  16. Guest says

    Please NOT AGAIN, let Brooke die peaceful, she is getting old and becoming so noisy by the hour.
    She has done so much damage to the family, get rid of her already
    Time to start “killing” some Logans , pretty soon the soap will be the BOLD AND THE HOS

  17. Guest says

    I agree — I tape it and fast forward through it . After 15 years of watching it faithfully this
    is the worst it has been. Just not worth half an hour of my time any more!
    The morals are all wrong.

  18. Guest says

    I am sick of you messing up good lives.  Hope and Lima always has something to come into their lives that tears them apart, not of their own doing.  Don’t put Lima and Steff together again and end this baby story.  You have all your charters looking stupid and not putting together this stupid puzzle.  Steff, Lima, and Hope have been confronted by someone coming to them to tell them something that will change their lives completely, but something happens and no tells and the craziest thing is no one is putting two and two together.

  19. Guest says

    I am so sick of Thomas and his horrible self. I wish Liam would push him over the edge of the cliff into the water. And if hope don’t find out about her baby soon. I’m goin to stop watching It’s driving me crazy. And if I could slap Zoe in the mouth I would. She drives me nuts. Let it come to a end please.

  20. Guest says

    I am with u on that, so sick of those 4. I think I will stop watching the show for a while until they end that story line.

  21. Guest says

    I do lots of fast forward on this crap now.

  22. Guest says

    I’m with you…can’t stand Zoe.

  23. Guest says

    Everyone should remember what crazy Thomas did to Caroline and got her pregnant.

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