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Coronation Street: Rob Mallard Teases Possible Daniel And Daisy split

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Rob Mallard teased that the latest events on the sudser involving his character Daniel Osbourne and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) could lead to a possible split for the pair. Is the end of their relationship looming?

Fans may recall that Daisy has been keeping a huge secret. She’s been posing as Crystal and sending messages to Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) to help lift up his spirits following the traumatic acid attack. However, her well-intentioned actions may be the reason for her breakup with Daniel.

In a twist of events in upcoming episodes, Daniel will give Max Daisy’s phone, without any idea about what she’s been doing with it. Daisy’s secret is at risk of getting exposed when Max records a video diary. What will Max do when he learns about Daisy and Ryan’s correspondence?

Rob Mallard

Meanwhile, Daisy will notice that her phone is missing and later on realizes what Daniel has done. She’ll demand her phone back and her reaction will leave Daniel feeling confused.

“Daniel thinks that Daisy is overreacting, and he thinks she is reacting this way because she is concerned for him because he shouldn’t be giving a phone to Max and it’s against the rules. Daniel is not aware that there is an ulterior reason for the way that Daisy is reacting,” Mallard said.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Will Daniel Mallard Get Jealous?

The actor added that his character will be jealous of the time that Daisy and Ryan are spending together. He feels comfortable and secure with his relationship with Daisy. However, he also can’t shake the feeling of uncertainty, given that Daisy and Ryan’s past together.

Things will become more complicated when Ryan sends a worrying message for Crystal and Max learns about it since he has Daisy’s phone. When asked what Daniel’s reaction would be, Mallard said that he’ll be concerned for Ryan at first.

“But then immediately afterwards Daniel would begin to think, ‘Why is Daisy Ryan’s first port of call for this?” he explained.

“You go to your significant other for things like this, so Daniel would start to think that Ryan and Daisy may be too close. His suspicions would grow, and his jealousy would become harder to ignore,” he added.

Mallard added if Daisy included Daniel in her plans early on, he would have understood the situation better and he’ll know that she has nothing but good intentions for Ryan.

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