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Coronation Street Spoilers: Millie Gibson On Kelly Neelan’s Fate

Coronation Street; Millie Gibson Coronation Street spoilers tease more dread for Kelly Neelan.  From searching for her missing dad to being wrongfully accused of a murder she didn’t do, Kelly Neelan definitely lives a miserable life in “Coronation Street,” and actress Millie Gibson has revealed she’s tired of crying.

Kelly spends life in prison after her name was dragged into Seb Franklin’s (Harry Visinoni) murder. She has a life sentence in jail while Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) who’s the actual killer, is living his life freely.

As documented by Insider Soap, Millie Gibson shared she longs for a bright and delightful future for her iconic role as Kelly Neelan. After all her character has been through, she wants it to learn from her mistakes, put her life together, and start anew. “I want happier scenes too–because I’m tired of crying all the time!” she stated.

Coronation Street’  Spoilers – Not Looking For A Man

When asked about a potential love interest, Gibson answered she doesn’t think that her character needs a man in her life. Kelly’s situation is more about building herself up than being in a relationship.

“She’s a strong, independent woman. Kelly has a strange complex about men,” she clarified. It is because Kelly had a problematic childhood because of her villainous father and when she reached out to Corey Brent, it only led her to trouble. After facing issues with her father, she has a hard time keeping another man in her life.

“When a man turns up, Kelly is always fighting for their attention, and then bad things happen – like with Corey. I think Kelly needs to repair herself before she starts trying to love someone else,” Gibson said.

Millie Gibson Picks Feisty Characters She Wants to Have A Scene Together In The Future

Being the longest-running drama in the world, “Coronation Street” also possesses several brilliant actors and Millie Gibson dropped some names who she wants to have more scenes together in the future.

Sally Carman, who plays Abi Franklin in the soap, is first on her list. Although Millie’s character, Kelly Neelan, was involved in the murder of Seb Franklin, she didn’t have a direct scene with Seb’s mother, Abi and would like to share scenes with someday.

Gibson also shared her adoration to co-stars Sally Ann Matthews as Jenny Connor and Samia Longchambon as Maria Connor, who she always looked up to when she was younger and thought that they always look gorgeous and fabulous. “I’ve picked all the feisty women on the show!” she stated. Keep checking Celebrating The Soaps for more Corrie spoilers and updates.

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