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Coronation Street Spoilers: Zeedan Gets An Uninvited Guest After Hashim’s Death Horror

Coronation Street: Zeedan NazirCoronation Street spoilers have revealed there are more troubles lined up for Zeedan Nazir as his ex-wife and Hashim’s daughter, Marrium stepped back on the cobbles again.

Tonight’s episode (December 13), saw Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) and sister Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) received good news from the insurers that they are going to receive the money in full after hearing their new version of events in which they pinned the arson to late Hashim (Vincent Ebrahim).

While Zeedan was preparing to redecorate Speed Daal, a nightmare from his past returned to Weatherfield to confront him about what happened. Zeedan’s estranged wife, Marrium (Kiran Landa) entered the restaurant and demanded answers for her father’s death.

Marrium explained she returned right away the moment she heard her brother was in prison for arson. “They said my father made him do it. What happened here, Zeedan?” she quizzed.

How would Zeedan convince her it was her father’s evil plot?

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers – Alya Nazir Is Overcome By Guilt For Killing Hashim Elain

Despite receiving the good news, Alya’s not in her best condition as she’s not coping with how they left Hashim to die during the fire and framed him for it.

Alya can still vividly remember how Hashim gasped for air when he was having a heart attack during their argument. It was because Hashim came to Speed Daal to threaten Zeedan and Alya when his plans to burn down the restaurant to get the insurance money backfired.

When Zeedan was about to call the ambulance for help, Alya stopped him and suggested they left him to die so that all their problems will die with him, to which Zeedan agreed. However, their plans were disturbed when Ryan (Ryan Prescott) entered and performed CPR on him. To his dismay, Hashim was already dead, which led him into questioning why they haven’t resuscitated him earlier. Alya was triggered and insisted he deserve to die for being evil.

This means another trouble waiting for Zeedan for Alya might provide hints to Marrium if she questions her about the incident.

How long will they be able to hide the truth? With Ryan as a witness, will he turn his back and betray Alya for the truth?

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers – Star Qasim Akhtar Reveals Zeedan Nazir And Marrium Will Rekindle Romance

Corrie actor Qasim Akhtar has revealed during his interview with the media that Zeedan and Marrium still have feelings for each other.

“It is interesting to meet her as he made some terrible mistakes in the marriage and cheated on her but it quickly becomes evident that he still loves her so we will see a different side to Zeedan,” Qasim told Digital Spy.

But is it the same case for Marrium? Or is she only back for revenge?

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