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Claim To Fame: Tom Hanks’ Niece Screams In Terror, Has Crying Fit

On the latest episode of Claim to Fame, Tom Hanks’ niece screamed in terror and had a crying fit on television. The bizarre moment went viral on social media. Find out how she feels about her emotional outburst.

Claim To Fame – Tom Hanks’ Niece’s Emotional Outburst

The ABC reality competition series started with a bang. Tom Hanks’ niece Carly Reeves was the first person eliminated as her fellow contestants guessed that she was related to the Hollywood star. This made her so angry that she had an emotional outburst on national television.

Once she was revealed, Carly let out a piercing scream. She started crying and had an emotional breakdown as she left the show. Carly was upset that she didn’t have more screen time. She also blamed the producers for making the clues so obvious.

“These friggin’ clues are just so friggin’ obvious,” Carly Reeves yelled. “Friggin’ bench… Friggin’ poster of friggin’ Forrest Gump, are you kidding me?”

Claim To Fame: Tom Hanks' Niece Screams In Terror, Has Crying Fit

The contestants awkwardly watched Carly’s walkout. They couldn’t believe what they heard. Carly was upset that a bench was one of the clues. She slammed one of the contestants and called him “not even smart.” Ultimately, she wanted more time in front of the camera.

“I don’t deserve this. I should have more camera time,” Carly Reeves exclaimed on Claim to Fame. “I should be here longer. No one expected that, no one.”

Carly Reeves – Reacts To Emotional Breakdown

Carly Reeves is now reacting to her moment on Claim to Fame. She admits that she shouldn’t have suffered an emotional breakdown. In an interview with USA Today, the contestant admits she was extra, but she “can’t regret it.”

“Honestly, I’m an emotional person, so I’m obviously going to react because that’s just how I am,” Carly Reeves explained. “And because this was so special to me and exciting for me, I was upset. Could I have handled myself better and been a little more graceful with it? Yes.”

However, Carly doesn’t have any regrets about her behavior on Claim to Fame. The reason why she was angry about being eliminated is because her “clues were just super easy.” She feels that it shouldn’t have been an easy game for everyone to play.

Regardless, Carly understands that it’s just a game and her fellow contestants already had their own preconceived notions about her, which were on the nose.

What are your thoughts on Tom Hanks’ niece having a meltdown on Claim to Fame? Did you tune into Season 2 of the show? If so, what did you think? Sound off below in the comment section.

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