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Alec Baldwin’s Shocking Claim Why ‘Rust’ Manslaughter Charge Hasn’t Been Dismissed

Alec Baldwin's Shocking Claim Why 'Rust' Manslaughter Charge Hasn't Been DismissedAlec Baldwin is fighting to have his ‘Rust’ manslaughter charge dismissed, and to aid him in the fight, his attorneys are making several requests. Per the actor’s attorneys, there’s a lot of evidence from the on-set accident that were not disclosed. Here’s everything we know about the actor’s ongoing legal battles.

Alec Baldwin – Legally Files To Have Manslaughter Charge Dismissed After Previous Move Denied

After failing to convince judge Mary Marlowe Sommer to dismiss the ‘Rust’ manslaughter charge against him in May, the ‘Boss Baby’ star is making another move to ensure its dismissal.

Baldwin filed the new motion on Monday, June 17, with his attorneys arguing that his indictment should be dismissed after New Mexico prosecutors’ failed to “disclose” evidence that will have worked in Baldwin’s favor. It also accused the state of having a pattern of “withholding information.”

The filing read that the state had been in possession of “thousands of files,” over “150,000 pages of documents” and “dozens of gigabytes worth of data” for months, and in some cases “over a year,” that contained “critical evidence favorable to Baldwin’s defense.” This, they said, would have positively influenced Baldwin’s approach in earlier bid to dismiss case.

His attorneys further claimed that the failure to provide these evidence in a “timely manner” violated Baldwin’s constitutional rights under New Mexico law and Brady v. Maryland: a U.S. Supreme Court decision that says that the prosecution should turn over every evidence that might help a defendant plea their case.

“Whether the State’s misconduct was intentional or purported to be just careless, severe remedies are warranted,” Baldwin’s attorneys wrote in the motion.

As a result of this, Baldwin’s attorneys are requesting that Mary Marlowe Sommer dismiss indictment or “reduce the prejudice that the state’s misconduct has caused” by precluding all of the “testimony, evidence and argument related to the contention that Baldwin must have pulled the trigger.”

In addition to this, Baldwin’s legal team are requesting that the court disclose its final witness list and to disclose “outstanding document productions,” including Baldwin’s questions relating to the state’s investigation.

In Baldwin’s previous filing, he called for the case to be dismissed, flagging “destruction of evidence” and prosecutors’ “failure to allege a criminal offense” as reasons why.

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