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Ben Affleck Is Ruining Jennifer Garner’s Shot At Marriage?

Could it be that someone is having second thoughts here? Maybe. There’s a new report that suggests even though he is supposedly happily married to Jennifer Lopez, it seems as though Jennifer Garner can’t get over her ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

But that’s not because she wants to get back together with him. It’s because she can’t get over all the reasons why their marriage failed in the first place.

That’s supposedly making her think twice about taking the next step with her beau John Miller as she doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes of her past. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Ben Affleck – Is Ruining Jennifer Garner’s Shot At Marriage?

According to the latest edition of The Globe, Jennifer Garner is so scared to get married again that she keeps putting it off each time her boyfriend John Miller has anything to say about it.

Ben Affleck Is Ruining Jennifer Garner’s Shot At Marriage?

She is so worried that she will repeat the same things that happened with Ben that she keeps giving John one excuse after another. As many fans probably already know, Jennifer and John were together before they took a short break from their relationship just to get back together again.

One source close to the situation even put it this way, “John treats her like a princess and she’s madly in love with him, but taking that step forward is daunting and kind of scary for Jen. They’ve been engaged for months now, but she can’t wear the ring or plan a ceremony because it frightens her to hear into that formal territory.”

What’s Next For Jennifer Garner?

The tipster continued, “John’s totally patient, he understands, but a lot of Jen’s friends think it’s sad and holding her back as far as that happily ever after she richly deserves.”

Apparently, this is mostly because of some of the things that Ben Affleck did while he and Jennifer Garner were still married. She doesn’t want to experience the same things she had with Ben again.

The insider added, “This is, Ben did a major number of her faith in marriage, and she’ll probably never fully heal. Jen knows how wonderful John is and that he’s the polar opposite of Ben, but she is still worried. It’s not the wedding she fears, it’s what comes afterwards. It’s so great now so why rock the boat?”

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