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Bob Odenkirk Tells Tom Cruise To Do the Hard Thing And Not Promote “Mission: Impossible 7”

Let’s be honest, the SAG-AFTRA strike took a lot of productions by surprise. However, it’s easy to guess that those most affected aren’t the ones cancelling or delaying productions to wait out the strike, but the ones that have been released and can’t afford adequate promotion due to the strike.

In this sad situation, Bob Odernkirk has an advice for stars applying for waivers to promote their latest project: “Don’t.”

Bob Odenkirk Tells Actors To Stand By the Strike

No one can say that Hollywood has had it easy with actors joining writers on strike. Needless to say, lots of productions have been delayed by it and some of our most anticipated movies are even considering shifting their release date: Zendaya’s “Challengers,” for example?

In light of this, some stars, including Tom Cruise, are applying for waivers so that they can promote their movies and it is something that the “Better Call Saul” star disapproves.

Bob Odenkirk Tells Tom Cruise To Do the Hard Thing And Not Promote “Mission: Impossible 7”

Joining dozens of actors protesting outside Paramount Studios on Wednesday, Odernkirk told The Wrap that he believes in the strike and what they want to achieve with it. “It’s a strike. Be on strike,” Odenkirk urged his fellow stars. “You lose. We lose. Everybody loses. That’s tough s—.”

Labor Union President Fran Drescher Announced The Strike On Tuesday, July 18.

Several productions have halted and will continue to do so until SAG-AFTRA union reaches an agreement with Hollywood studios and streaming services.

However, less than a week after actors marched in protest outside studios, some of them are already returning to work following certain productions obtaining waivers. The waivers allow them to continue filming without violating the strike.

The first show to obtain a waiver that allowed them to return to production was the faith series “The Chosen,” based on the life of the biblical figure Jesus Christ.

In total, forty-five productions unaffiliated with the AMPTP, meaning they have no connection with the studios or streaming services that prompted the SAG-AFTRA strike, have been granted permission to start filming.

The films include those starring Rebel Wilson, Jenna Ortega, Paul Rudd, Anne Hathaway, and Matthew McConaughey. Soap Operas are also allowed to continue filming.

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