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Carson Daly Takes A Dig At Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani’s Relationship

Carson Daly is at it again with his constant shade at Gwen Stefani over her choice of men. Every little chance Carson gets, he always ceases it tease Gwen for marrying Blake Shelton.

Although his comments were never meant in a bad way, he shaded Gwen once again during her appearance at the Barmageddon game show which was hosted by Blake, the “Today’s Show” co-host Carson.

During the game, Gwen who was part of the contestants was told to throw basketballs with her partner at a colored target.

Her team was the first to be called for the game. When Nikki Garcia said, “Team Gwen, you’re up first,” she turned to her partner and asked, “You ready, Susan?” Before going on to say, “I’m so good at this.”

Carson Daly Takes A Dig At Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani’s Relationship

After positioning herself to take the shot, Blake advised her, “You gotta go a bit lower. That’s the trick,” and that was when Carson jumped in with, “Like your taste in men.” Anyways, Blake laughed it off and agreed with him, “Yeah, exactly.” Gwen ended up missing her target though.

Carson Daly — On Carson’s Disapproval Of Blake And Gwen’s Union

This is not the first time Carson has shared that he doesn’t support Gwen choosing Blake as her husband, not that he has any serious reason against them being together but, back in 2021, Carson revealed during a “Thursday’s Today Show” that he was against Gwen and Blake from the onset.

Recalling the events, Carson told his fellow co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie, “Five years ago, when you started to date Blake, you’ll remember this, we went back to your house, your old house in LA, and I sat you and Blake down in the kitchen. And I said, ‘You guys, pump the brakes. This is not good. This is not going to work.’ And I looked at Gwen, and I said, ‘You’re much, much too good for this guy. You’re smart. You’re intelligent. You’re one of my oldest friends. And then there’s Blake.'”

Joining in the conversation, Gwen told Hoda, “What don’t I love about Blake, and what don’t we all love about Blake? I feel like it’s very mutual in the room right now, Hoda. He’s just such a good guy. He’s one of the most generous human beings and down-to-earth. It almost sounds generic, but it’s just so true.”

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    Wish I could edit posts, but alas, I made some errors myself in my last post about the grammatical error. It was “he always ceases it” which means he stops teasing Gwen. I’m sure she meant, “he never ceases to tease Gwen.” Just saying. Please delete my other post.

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