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Did Gerry Turner Flirt With Kris Jenner?

Did Gerry Turner Flirt With Kris Jenner?Gerry Turner was accused of flirting with Kris Jenner. The two had dinner, which came as a surprise to one of her daughters.

Kris entertained The Golden Bachelor in her luxurious mansion. She wanted her daughter Kendall Jenner to meet him. New details are coming out about their chance meeting. Keep on reading to learn more.

Gerry Turner – Gets Flirty With Kris Jenner

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Gerry Turner visited Kris Jenner’s home. He had dinner with Kris, her daughter Kendall Jenner, and her friend, Hannah Logan.

Kendall shared the details about their intimate dinner. She claimed that Gerry flirted with her mom. It’s not surprising considering he dated her lookalike, Susan Noles.

“Yes, [Gerry] was commenting on her smile and her eyes and her energy,” Kendall shared. “I’m like, I think we should leave, like, I don’t know!”

The producers asked Kris Jenner about her flirting with Gerry Turner. She laughed before saying, “Hey Gerry, I have a boyfriend. OK? Oh, Lord!” Kris is dating Corey Gamble.

During the dinner, Kendall Jenner admitted that she saw something on Gerry’s phone she shouldn’t have. She got to sneak a peek while he was looking away.

Kendall had a hard time describing what she saw in her confessional. She admitted that she knew who won the first season of The Golden Bachelorette.

Kendall noticed Gerry’s interactions with now ex-wife Theresa Nist. The two got engaged during the season finale. They got married live on television on January 4, 2024. The pair announced their divorce three months later.

Kris Jenner – Gets Clue From Golden Bachelor

Kris Jenner also noticed something about Gerry Turner during dinner. She recalled him calling the same person several times. Producers assured the Hulu star that the episode would air long after The Golden Bachelor concludes.

The group watched the finale of the ABC dating competition in their home theater. Gerry and Kris were seeing other people during that time. However, he managed to convince Kris to get a hearing aid.

The Kardashians Season 5 has many celebrity guests. Also, that season, Kim Kardashian meets with Gypsy Blanchard Rose. She admitted that she wants to work with her on prison reform. Fans think the Kardashians are filling episodes because they ran out of storylines.

What do you think of Gerry Turner flirting with Kris Jenner? Does this surprise you? Do you think he was calling Theresa Nist several times that night? Sound off below in the comment section.

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