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Emilio Estevez Reminisces On When Laurence Fishburne Saved Him

Emilio Estevez took a trip down memory lane, back to the first time he bonded with Laurence Fishbone.

During the Tuesday episode of “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” Emilio and his father Martin Sheen made their guest appearances on the show, and there, Emilio recalled how he would have lost his life if it hadn’t been for his bosom friend Laurence.

As at the time of the incident, Emilio, 60, and Laurence, 61, were both 14 years old. It happened that they were in Philippines trying to film the legendary 1979 film “Apocalypse Now.”

“We’d only known each other a couple of days and this was in the Philippines,” said Emilio before explaining that they both came upon a small boat and thought of getting in on it but, it was too close to sure.

Emilio Estevez Reminisces On When Laurence Fishburne Saved Him From Drowning In Quicksand

Emilio Estevez — How Laurence Fishburne Saved Emilio’s Life

Emilio said he volunteered to jump out of the boat and push it offshore but unfortunately, that wasn’t a good idea as immediately he found himself in what he described as “quicksand mud.”

Emilio said, “I was just sinking, oh my god, and I just saw Fishburne just looking at me going, “Quick grab my hand!” And he pulled me back up on to the boat, and we were bonded ever since.”

Emilio’s father Martin also recalled that the first time he got to know about the incident was when he read the father-son memoir, “Along The Way: The Journey Of A Father And Son,” Martin shared that he immediately “called Mr. Fishburne to thank him for saving my son’s life.”


Somewhere along the interview, Martin, 82, who is also father to Charlie Sheen, 56, mentioned that he had always known Emilio had a knack for acting right before he was born.

Emilio Estevez — How Martin Met Emilio Estevez On Set

According to Martin, he was onset one day while filming for “Apocalypse Now,” when Emilio walked in. When he saw his son, he assumed Emilio came to see him

However, it turned out that Emilio came to do the same thing his dad was doing. “I thought he was there to visit me, but he’d gotten a part in the same show.”

Martin went on to share how “the only influence” he had on Emilio “was to keep his name,’ because “when he started out, his agent was advising him to change his name to Sheen and he wouldn’t do it. And I thank God he didn’t.”

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