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Jennifer Lopez — A Look At How (Un)Likability May Or May Not Have Ruined Her Tour

Jennifer Lopez — A Look At How (Un)Likability May Or May Not Have Ruined Her TourThere has never been a place where the name J.Lo is mentioned and the word ‘average’ is attached to it. There’s no denying that when it comes to showbiz, the multifaceted Jennifer Lopez puts up a great show and her works speak for her, just check out some of her performances at her tours or her 2020 Superbowl halftime performance with Shakira —at least that has been the case until recently.

Recently, the star of Atlas has been facing criticisms left, right, and center, and as it stands, it appears that nothing she does now will be received in good faith by her increasing critics.

This can be seen in how her “This Is Me… Live” summer tour was canceled multiple times in March due to low sales before finally telling her fans that the tour wouldn’t be happening because she wants to “be with her children, family and close friends.”

A wild guess at what might have caused this drastic change led to the unacceptable theory that J.Lo might now be one of the most unliked artists lately.

Jennifer Lopez — How Did This Unlikeness Start?

Let’s just say the dislike started after the release of her Amazon Prime Musical film, “This Is Me … Now: A Love Story which has the same name as her music album “This Is Me Now.” The film which she helped co-write was inspired by her love journey with her husband Ben Affleck, a little bit of how she tried to find herself after several failed relationships.

When the movie was first announced, it was well anticipated by lots of fans who were interested in knowing the full details of her reunion with Affleck after their first breakup. When it finally aired, there were lots of scrutiny and poor reviews about it leading to the movie being a flop.

At first, the criticism stemmed from the musical performance in it but then, majority claimed that it was entirely cringe from beginning to end and all they could see was how self-absorbed J.Lo was.

Most of the critics took to “IMDb” site to air their opinions about it. A critic that rated the movie 2% wrote, “I don’t even know, how to start. This is the most pretentious BS I’ve ever seen. It seems totally clear that JLo did this in a total attack of vanity, drunk on her own magnificence, encouraged by her beau – or was he forced to be involved? There is absolutely nothing going on beside her singing lame pop songs and trying to be passed off for 30.”

Another added, “Scrolling through Prime for something to watch and came across “This Is Me… Now: A Love Story by J-Lo. I went in with an open mind; not having read any reviews, so had no preconceptions. It started off OK, pretty visuals, but I quickly realised (within the first 10 minutes or so) that this was some cringe-worthy, self-indulgent, vanity project (thank goodness for the fast forward button!!!)”

Several other gut-wrenching reviews were filled in the comments section with rates as low as 1%. But then again, J.Lo had to announce her summer tour titled “This Is Me… Now: The Tour,” with the intention of promoting the music album but it seems the damage done by the movie with the same name was enough to lose her fans. To crown it all, rumors that her marriage to Affleck is under rocks and that divorce is imminent have been making waves.

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