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Jon Cryer Blames Charlie Sheen For Two and A Half Men Revival Not Happening

If you’ve been holding your breathe for a “Two and a Half Men” revival, you can let that breathe go now because it’s not happening. If you ask Jon Cryer, he’ll blame Charlie Sheen. Not because there’s any bad blood. But…

Jon Cryer Rejects Working With Charlie Sheen Again Even If He’s A Changed Man

You’ll not catch Jon Cryer in the same room, least of all on the same set, with former co-star Charlie Sheen “for any length of time.”

Cryer spilled this during his recent appearance on The View, where he was grilled by the hosts on whether there are plans for him and Sheen to revive their hit sitcom, which ran from 2003 to 2015.

Even though Sheen and the show’s creator Chuck Lorre recently reconciled with Sheen, Cryer is not sure he is willing to do so as well.

Jon Cryer Blames Charlie Sheen For Two and A Half Men Revival Not Happening

“Oh gosh, oh gosh. Yeah, I don’t know how that happens,” Cryer admitted. “I mean the thing is, Charlie is doing a lot better now which is wonderful. He and I have not spoken in a few years but he’s doing a lot better, which obviously I am happy about. And obviously, Chuck Lorre, who produced Two and a Half Men… one of the hardest things for him when Two and a Half Men fell apart the way it did was he really thought he was friends with Charlie. And that he lost that was really hard for him. So that they have reconciled is really lovely.”

“The thing for me is, when Two and a Half Men was happening, Charlie was the highest-paid actor in television, probably ever,” he continued. “There has been nobody who has surpassed the enormous amount of money that he was making. And yet he blew it up.”

Jon Cryer Reveals It’s Possible He Could Return For A “Two and a Half Men” Reboot If This Happens

However sad Cryer feels for how Sheen disastrously ended his run on the show, he’s not one to say never say never, especially since situations can change – money situations, if you get what I mean.

After admitting he may be open to a one-off, Ana Navarro asked him whether it’s possible his mind could be changed if he was paid as much as Sheen for the reboot.

To this, Cryer readily replied, “Yeah, there you go. There you go. That sounds fair!”

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