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Kevin Spacey Says He’s Owes “Many Millions” As He Loses Baltimore Home

Kevin Spacey Says He's Owes “Many Millions” As He Loses Baltimore HomeCancel culture has not been kind to one Kevin Spacey, and even though some of his mates in the industry recently came to his aid – Liam Neeson, Sharon Stone etc. – the damage done has been a very deep one. Despite this, Spacey looks forward to the time when he can make a comeback.

You hear legal fees and you think thousands, no Kevin Spacey owes “many millions” and he doesn’t know where to get the money to pay for them. So his home has been auctioned.

As of right now, Spacey believes he’s done his penance for his past deeds, including being “too handsy” at some point in his career, and he’s now seeking redemption. Who’s ready to give it to him?

Kevin Spacey – Confesses He Doesn’t Know Where He’s Going To Go After Baltimore Home Forecloses

When Kevin Spacey says he’s not a fan of cancel culture, he knows why he’s saying it because he’s lived it. Spacey, who is known for such movies as ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Hurlyburly,’ hasn’t worked in the industry since 2017, and while he has a few independent projects in the works, they’re apparently not enough to save his home.

Kevin Spacey opened up about his experiences following the scandal with Piers Morgan on the Wednesday episode of his YouTube show.

“This week, where I have been living in Baltimore is being foreclosed on. My house has been sold off, so I have to go back to Baltimore and put all my things in storage,” he confessed, tearing up when Morgan asked him where he’s living at the moment. “So the answer to the question is, “I’m not quite sure where I’m going to live now.’”

When asked to explain why this foreclosure was happening, Spacey said it’s “because I can’t pay the bills that I owe.” However, he did say he’s dodged filing for bankruptcy “as of today,” despite having no money.

“Well, you have some sense of legal bills. I still have a lot of legal bills,’ he told Morgan, and when pressed by the TV presenter to give the audience an idea of what he now owes to his attorneys, Spacey replied, “Many millions.”

Earlier on in the interview, Spacey recalled that the beginning of his downfall started with his firing from the Netflix series ‘House of Cards.’ He further accused co-star Robin Wright of abandoning him during the earlier days of the scandal.

However, he highlighted that he’s learned now to understand the reason behind people’s actions rather than judge them.

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