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Khloe Kardashian Feuds With Kylie Jenner On Social Media!

Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian continues a Kardashian and Jenner clan tradition of randomly feuding with each other. For instance, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian famously feuded over Kim calling her oldest sister the least interesting sibling. And now Khloe has fired up a war with her younger sister Kylie Jenner.

Find out why the two reality TV stars bickered. And see what social media revealed. Get the latest Kardashian family news below.

Khloe Kardashian – Gets Glam And Grouchy On Instagram!

Getting glamorous makes most women feel better. But Khloe Kardashian got cranky over a recent glam session. And when this reality TV star gets cross, she finds the closest victim to attack. Bring in little sister Kylie Jenner as the scapegoat!

As a result, Khloe sparked a feud with Kylie over social media. It began when Jenner shared photos of her glam session on Instagram. Fans gushed over the reality TV beauty. But even as one fan wrote, “Stunning glammmmmm!!! 😍😍,” Khloe prepped her attack!

And one woman’s glam turns out to represent another’s grouch session! However, Kardashian began with an innocent if whining comment. “I am so jet-lagged,” she complained. And then Khloe got into fueling a feud. “Beautiful b*tch,” she began, followed with a hostile, “F*ck you!” 

Khloe Kardashian – Jealous Of Kylie Jenner? 

So what exactly fueled that feud? Khloe felt jealous of Kylie, according to the Sun. And apparently the 24-year-old’s glam session for Kourtney’s wedding made Kardashian decide to vent. As a result, Khloe turned to cursing as a way to spark a feud. 

But the jealousy could stem from another cause. Before that glam session, Kylie flew to Italy with her daughter Stormi, 4, on a private jet. Perhaps Khloe longed for her own private plane? Or missed her own youngster, True, who stayed with her father and Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson?

Whatever the reason, Kylie’s Instagram glam session pics and video comment overflowed with Khloe’s cursing! But the 24-year-old took the high road, not responding to all the swear words from her big sister. And the final result showed Jenner enjoying her experience in Italy.

Kylie and Stormi attended the wedding weekend with her boyfriend and Stormi’s father, Travis Scott. And the entire event turned out to showcase the children in the famous reality TV. For instance, Kourtney brought her daughter Penelope, 9; son Mason, 12, and son Reign, 7. And now that she has tied the knot with Travis Barker, Kourtney becomes the stepmother to his children Alabama, 16; and Landon, 18. 

Kendall Jenner, 26, and her boyfriend Devin Booker, 25, also mingled with the reality TV clan at the wedding. And Kim Kardashian headed to the celebratory weekend in her own private jet. Kim, 41, spent $35,825 in fuel for her smooth ride. And Kylie shelled out $34,485 to fly solo with her daughter. 

Tell us what you think. Why do you believe that Khloe Kardashian decided to put curse words on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news. 

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