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Kim Kardashian Gets Blasted For Being In The “Actors on Actors” Interview

Kim Kardashian Gets Blasted For Being In The “Actors on Actors” InterviewHaving over twenty years of experience as a reality TV star, and appearing in a few movies doesn’t make you an actor in the books of internet and social media users.

Early last week, “Variety” shared a list of this year’s participants in their “Actors on Actors” interview on Instagram, and a particular name among the list didn’t sit well with netizens one bit.

When the list comprising of, Robert Downey Jr. and Jodie Foster, Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig, Quinta Brunson and Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Debicki and Emma Corrin, Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez, and finally, Kim Kardashian and Chloë Sevigny, was released, netizens made sure their mouths were empty of water when they shared their disagreement with Kim Kardashian’s name appearing among the list of actors.

Taking to the comments section of the post, users of the platform left no stone unturned when berating the SKIMS mogul for being added to the list of participants. Someone wrote, “Everything was perfect… until I saw Kim Kardashian,” with an eye roll emoji to buttress their point. Another said, “To say Kim K is an actress is definitely a reach.”

A third wrote, “Kim Kardashian is not an actress! I’m sure she is a lovely person — no disrespect intended or hate — but an article on actors on actors, and she is included — NO!” Another ranted, “Having Kim K here is embarrassing….,” and another echoed, “Kim K has no business being there. She is not an actor.”

Kim Kardashian — Chloë Sevigny’s Reaction To Kim’s Backlash

It is worth noting that aside from her reality shows, Kim has been featured in different movies such as, “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor” (2013), “Paw Patrol: The Movie” (2021), “Deep In The Valley” (2009), and her latest, “American Horror Story: Delicate” (2023 to 2024).

Despite putting the work in these movies, critics still don’t see her as an actor. In fact, they continued to berate her acting skills, and when she showed up for the “Actors on Actors” interview, comments like, “Kim K doesn’t understand anything Chloe is saying. Way over her head,” and “This is f*cking sad. She knows nothing of the craft so why does she get to contribute when there are eligible actors everywhere,” filled the Internet.

Someone went as far as commenting, “Justice for Chloë Sevigny,” and another ranted, “They did Chloë Sevigny dirty with this one. She is such an iconic actor and a true artist, they shouldn’t have paired her with someone who would steal the spotlight and not be able to discuss cinema and acting on her level of artistry.”

Amid all this, Chloë was smart with her reaction to the viral backlash that Kim kept receiving. While promoting the interview, the “Boys Don’t Cry” actress wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Our chosen career of actor has many forms. Some are rewarded early. Some of us are the journeymen, some have a quieter route, and some a much louder one. And I am always excited to celebrate every kind of actor. #actorsonactors @variety #Iloveactresses.”

Taking to the comments section, Chloë’s fans complimented how she promoted the interview. Someone wrote, “What a graceful way to promote this… but, we all still feel like she was an odd and disrespectful match for you.” and another added, “The way Kim is placed front & forward is disrespectful to a true actor. Chloe, you are brilliant and deserve better.”

Someone else chose to highlight the part where Chloë said, “Some are rewarded early,” and wrote, “Imagine being a talented actress having to work her way up and you get paired with Kim kardashian for your actors on actors.”

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