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Kim Kardashian Slams Kanye West’s Lies In ‘The Kardashians’ Season 3 Trailer

The Kardashians season 3 trailer reveals that Kim Kardashian won’t tolerate former husband Kanye West’s lies any longer. And so The Kardashians star slams her ex hubby for what she labels his “insane narrative.” But the season 3 spoilers also drop some hints about the Kardashian clan’s future. 

Find out what to expect when season 3 of The Kardashians debuts. And learn how Kim struggles over Kanye. Get all the details below. 

‘The Kardashians’ Spoilers – Kim Kardashian Slams Kanye West

For months, Kanye West posted on social media and gave interviews challenging his now-ex wife Kim Kardashian for divorcing him. And spoilers for The Kardashians hint that the war between Kim and Kanye plays a key role in season 3.

But in particular, Hulu’s recently released trailer reveals Kim challenging Kanye over what she and her family viewed as a deceptive narrative, according to HNHH.

Kim Kardashian Slams Kanye West's Lies In 'The Kardashians' Season 3 Trailer

Kim confides in the Kardashian family’s mom/matriarch Kris Jenner. And she tells Kris what has happened in the wake of Kardashian divorcing West. “He has made up the most insane narrative,” confided Kim. But the reality TV star noted that she wants to protect the couple’s children. Kim and Kanye share North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm. And so she stays “silent through all the lies, for my kids,” added Kim. 

Because much of the drama between Kim and Kanye in the wake of her divorce emerged only in rumors, fans expressed excitement over the season 3 trailer. For instance, in response to Hulu’s tweet about season 3, one fan wrote, “THIS IS LITERALLY EVERYTHING WE WANTED. OMGGG. THE DRAMA IS INSANEEE. I CANT WAIT OMG WHATTT.” And Hulu labeled season 3 of The Kardashians as overflowing with “iconic” episodes.

‘The Kardashians’ Spoilers – Kylie Jenner Weighs In

But beyond Kris listening to her daughter, the rest of the family takes time for Kim. For example, Khloe Kardashian also reaches out to console her sister. But Kim admits, “No, I’m not okay” in response to Khloe. “I’m just having such a hard day today.”

However, while Kim serves up the divorce drama, her sister Kylie Jenner struggles with her own relationship. And the season 3 trailer offers some hints. “I don’t know how Kim handles everything with her ex-husband,” admits Kylie. But fans will need to wait until season 3, which debuts on May 25, to find out how much of Jenner’s relationship troubles feature in upcoming episodes.

Season 3 of The Kardashians also stars Kourtney Kardashian Barker and Kendall Jenner. Watch for the drama over Kourtney’s wedding to appear in upcoming episodes as well. And while Khloe experiences a health scare, Kylie wants to discuss the family’s “beauty standards.” However, overall, Kim’s struggles with Kanye making up “the most insane narrative” will dominate the season, according to Yahoo.

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