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Fans Slam The New Season Of The Kardashians As They Spot Major “Continuity Errors”

The Kardashians: Fans Slam The New Season Of The Kardashians As They Spot Major "Continuity Errors"Kardashian fans are not pleased with this new season of the Hulu’s show. In fact, even the Hulu company is collecting slams from fans over what they consider as errors. Fans are fuming that after waiting for almost 9 months for this season two, Hulu, and the Kardashian family had to make mistakes with their scenes’ date editing.

Here’s what happened and why fans are going crazy. When the first season was almost coming to an end, or rather, the last episode of the season 1 teased that Kim Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson would be featured in the next season, in case you’ve forgotten what happened in that scene let me remind you. The scene featured the SKIMS founder asking Pete if he would like to take a shower with her where Pete was having a conversation with Khloe and said “Babe, do you wanna shower with me real quick?” and then we all saw how Pete hurriedly dropped everything including the cellphone in his hands and followed Kim out. Fans were kinda expecting that season 2 would start with Kim and Pete’s storyline.

The Kardashian — Fans’ Reaction To The Kardashian’s Starting Wrongly

I’ll like to remind us that before the premiere of season 2, Kim already explained that unfortunately, Pete would ‘barely’ be there in the second season of the show. So, fans who expected to see Pete and Kim startup by explaining what went wrong in their relationship, whose fault it is, etc. had a long wait coming.

Season two actually started with recent happenings of the family like the birth of Khloe Kardashian’s second child, according to fans, the news was too recent and not what they expected to be the first thing they would get to watch, according to them it was a major editing error on the part of Hulu. Taking to Online Forum, fans criticized the new season, someone said “It was kinda cool to see the baby be born (late July! so recent!) but I know starting next week we’re going to go back to like January/February 2022 smh.”

Another critic who was way too angry that he actually referred to Pete with the troll name given to him by Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West said “I think the skete break-up screwed everything up. They probably had more footage of them going to the Marilyn Monroe dress fittings, the MET, that white house event thing they attended, that trip to bahamas and blah blah blah.” Another added that Hulu’s editors probably started off with the Khloe Kardashian baby no.2 scandal so they can spin the narrative away from Kim and Pete’s storyline while Hulu does the editing.

The Kardashians — Fans’ Thought On Pete’s Cameo In Season 1

I can tell you this for free, anger breeds a lot of unexpected bad blood, why would I say that? I remember the Internet going wild after seeing Pete making a cameo in season one and can’t wait for season 2 to come out so they could see more of the former couple, now? Now they think the scene was forced, and that the acting was bad.

Taking to Reddit, they criticized the scene and reduced it down to the barest minimum, one of the critics said: “This scene is just so corny, I’m sorry. It doesn’t seem genuine or real. That’s not to say I don’t think they’re genuinely dating, but this scene seems so forced. Like, ‘Look at us everyone, we have sex! Isn’t Pete so lucky??’ Yawn.”

The question that should be going on in your head right now should be, “what is it that you’ll do that’ll please people?” Because, these comments, funnily enough, came from the exact people that praised the scene and screamed that they couldn’t wait for what would happen next. Now, what’s everywhere on the Internet is “So scripted and fake. ‘Babe…'” and “This really looks like an acting scene for him… of course in front of cameras rolling he would ‘drop’ his phone and pack of cigs. It’s too calculated.”

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