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Kourtney Kardashian Pleaded With Kim Not To Air Their ‘Crazy’ Fight

Kourtney Kardashian Pleaded With Kim Not To Air Their 'Crazy' FightIn case you’ve been wondering wether any of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian‘s fights have ever gotten physical, wonder no more because the sisters have both laid hands on each other during one of their many fights.

The new episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians” which aired on Wednesday had then-pregnant Kourtney sharing how she once begged Kim not to allow one of their physical altercations to be aired, especially since ahe wasn’t so sure whether or not it was filmed.

The fight in question happened in 2020, when their reality tv show was E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

In that particular March 26 episode, Kim and Kourtney were in Khloe’s bedroom discussing when suddenly Kim shaded Kourtney’s work ethics by saying she was nonchalant about working unlike the rest of them. Kourtney tried to defend herself by telling Kim to “Change the narrative in your mind, I work my f***ing a** off.”

At a point, the “LEMME” co-founder couldn’t stomach the jab anymore so she threw the first punch, and before one could say Jack, fists were flying, hairs were grabbed, and skins were scratched. Khloe eventually came in to separate the two.

Looking back at that fight, the Poosh founder said, “I just had a feeling that it was filmed, like after the fact, I’m like, ‘You’re not using it,'” Kim on the other hand said that their fight scene was “too good not to use.”

Kourtney Kardashian — On Kourtney And Kim’s Feuds

In a previous episode which aired May 30, the sisters told their fans who had the narrative that they were always feuding, that they do get along quite well.

Kourtney reminded viewers in a confessional, “We’re sisters. I think people forget. They always say like, ‘How are they gonna get through it?’ and they pick sides. Everyone gets really riled up.” She continued, “I’m sure a lot of people have had crazy fights with their siblings. Maybe ours are more extreme.”

Kim on the other hand said, “There’s this huge misconception that Kourtney and I hate each other. We really don’t.” And her statement can be proved after Kourtney shut down a troll who claimed that Kim purposely shared a beach phone of Kourtney after giving birth to her fourth child just to spite her.

Taking to the comments section of the April 18 post, Kourtney wrote “I LOVE this photo. It is me and my sisters having the best time on a trip with our kids… and the memories to last forever!”

Kourtney concluded by reassuring viewers that she and Kim were “Back to normal,” and that irrespective of their constant fights, “We get along, we really connect over the kids,” she said. “I can’t even believe that a second of energy was wasted on that [fight].”

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