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Lindsay Lohan Lands New Job

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan has been MIA for quite a while.  But, the former Mean Girls actress has finally landed a new acting job. Lohan will make an appearance on a show by SYFY network.

Ardent buffs of the popular SYFY series, Devil May Care, will be in for a whole lot of fun as actress Lindsay Lohan makes a guest appearance on the show. She will not only lend her voice to the character Ziva, the daughter of a dentist in Hell, but she will also be going out on a date! Double whammy for fans of the SYFY series, yeah?

Lindsay Lohan Goes On A Blind Date In Hell

The former owner of a beach club, Lindsay will be thrilling fans with her portrayal of Ziva in the SYFY episode to be aired on Wednesday night, the 24th of March. In the episode, Ziva is going out on a blind date with a human being who does not know how he got into Hell. Pretty romantic scenario right?

The human who goes by the name of Beans is played by actor Asif Ali. Beans is the manager of the social media space in Hell and is searching for true love. Who better to fall in love with than Lindsay Lohan’s Ziva?

A sneak peek onto the episode shows Lindsay Lohan’s Zira and Beans run into each other, then both kneel to pick up the lifeless bouquets she bought for him. Zira nervously gives the bouquets to an enchanted Beans, having heard that humans love flowers a lot. The enchanted Beans then asks her to walk with him. This scenario plays out to the immense delight of the Devil, a role played by Alan Tudyk.

The Other Projects Lohan Is Involved In Presently

Lindsay recently had a reunion on Instagram with other cast members of the 1998 film by Disney that brought her into the limelight, The Parent Trap. The 35-year-old actress who lives in Dubai revealed that she is making a comeback to the Hollywood scene by staring in several upcoming films. One of the films which will see her as a member of the cast is titled “Frame”. The other film which is yet to get a title is inspired by the book, Honeymoon, with Lohan as the scriptwriter.

At the moment, Lindsay Lohan is managing the career of her sister, Aliana Lohan, who is making a first into the music industry. Lindsay herself released a couple of singles during her brief stint in music.

Lindsay has played a number of roles in films and comedy shows, thrilling fans with her comical personality and professionalism. She is definitely to make this episode of the Devil May Care on Wednesday night one that will be watched by a lot of fans. We look forward to the March 24th episode of the Devil May Care with glee!

You can watch the Lindsay Lohan episode of Devil May Care on the SYFY Network this Wednesday at 11 pm.

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