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North West Angrily Hangs Up On Mom Kim Kardashian For Saying ‘Cringy’ Slang

North West Angrily Hangs Up On Mom Kim Kardashian For Saying 'Cringy' SlangIf you’re gonna use slang around Miss Westie, make sure you say it right. During the recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” the SKIMS founder admitted during her private confessional that her kids always feel embarrassed whenever she uses slangs on them, especially when she uses them wrongly too.

She went on to share that she picked up a slang word “Gyyat” on TikTok which means “Big Butt” and used it on her kids when trying to get them to leave the house.

She also said that the slang makes someone feel kind of ancient for not knowing its meaning. “Gyatt means a big butt. I got it off TikTok, It makes you feel so old when you don’t know what the slang words are,” said the mom of four before going on to narrate how she intentionally used it on her kids the wrong way and they each acknowledged that they are embarrassed by her.

“I was like, ‘Guys, we’re late. We’ve gyatt to go!’ And they were like, ‘Mom! You’re so embarrassing!'” She didn’t stop there, the “SKKN By Kim” founder would later call her eldest daughter North West to tell her about the embarrassing slang she used on her siblings, “I just told the story how I’d said ‘You’ve gyatt to go,'” and then she asked North, “Why am I so cringy? Why am I so annoying?”

The 10-year-old angrily replied to her mother, “First, you’re so cringy because you’re saying those words.” There is no guessing what was going through Kim’s mind when she told North over the phone, “Gyatt damn!” But whatever it was, surely made North hang up the phone on her.

North West — The Other Time North Was Sassy

I bet you don’t believe that as North’s first attempt at being sassy. In last week’s episode, North displayed a little of her sassy side in the presence of her mom, her mom’s friends, and her aunt Khloe.

In the clip, North, 10, and Kim, 43, walked into a family party where Kim’s friends and Khloe were. After Kim called out “Hey guys!” at the people present, she received a “Hello! Hi! How are you?” from her friends as a response. Remember that North arrived with her mom, but rather than greeting everyone present since she’s the youngest, she rolled her eyes at them with arms akimbo.

Khloe caught the pre-teen’s attitude and tried to ease the tension by hugging North and jokingly telling her, “I love your side-eye.” North then relaxed and asked her aunt “Hold me? Will you hold me!” Meanwhile, Kim was caught looking a little panicked by North’s actions.

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