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Taylor Swift Goes Too Far With Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Goes Too Far With Eras TourTaylor Swift is pushing too hard with her Eras Tour. The pop star might have taken it too far this time around. It’s been her most successful tour to date. It also broke records for being one of the most successful tours.

Taylor became a billionaire because of the Eras Tour. She continues to break records, as her fans buy up her music and merchandise. The Eras Tour will conclude later this year, which gives the singer time to rest.

However, some fans think she’s pushing herself too hard. Taylor performs three nights in a row, during the weekends. She performs in rain or shine. Keep on reading to learn more.

The Eras Tour Has the Most Chaotic Opening Yet

Taylor Swift had her most chaotic opening yet. The singer has performed in various types of weather. She loves performing in the rain. She also performed in a heatwave in Brazil, which left one fan dead.

The songstress doesn’t stop the show. She keeps performing. Some would say the “Fortnite” singer is pushing it too hard, especially with inclement weather. A video of her opening went viral on social media.

Swifties shared a clip of the incident on X, formerly Twitter. One fan wrote: “The most CHAOTIC Eras Tour opening yet. almost didn’t go on the platform in time.” In the clip, the dancers held colorful fabrics on the stage.

The fabric hid Taylor Swift as she performed the song, “Lover.” Her backup dancers moved around her, but they were behind the music. The wind made it impossible for them to move along with the fabric. Taylor continued to perform, regardless of the snafu.

She emerged from the colorful cacoon. The singer-songwriter raised one arm to the sky. Swifties wondered if it was from a mechanical delay or high winds. Taylor has performed in many types of weather.

Concerns About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift changed up her costumes on tour. However, she had to make a last-minute change in Scotland due to the cold temperatures. It was so windy that two of her backup dancers almost fell off the stage. During one set, Taylor almost fell when she danced.

Swifties were also concerned about her health. During a previous show at Murrayfield Stadium, she halted the show. Taylor apologized to her fans as she revealed that her hand was cramping up. She needed to get the blood flowing, so she could continue to play the guitar.

“My hand is frozen in a weird clamp. This has never happened before. I’m really sorry,” Taylor Swift told the roaring crowd.

She also announced the end of her Eras Tour. In a speech during her 100th show on Thursday, June 13, she announced that her worldwide tour would end later this year.

“The celebration of the 100th show for me means this is the very first time I’ve ever acknowledged to myself and admitted that this tour is going to end in December,” she shared.

The Eras Tour started on March 18, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona. There are no additional dates on Taylor Swift’s website. The final show is in Vancouver, Canada on December 8. The Eras Tour led to an increase in air tourism, even across Europe. Swift thanked her fans for the “most wonderful” tour ever.

Taylor Swift had to make many changes due to the inclement weather. What are your thoughts? Do you think she’s pushing too hard? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Lickkey Taint says

    Chanel D. Adams is clearly a jealous woman hating troll that uses click-bait horseshit headlines. Her writing is childish and lacks facts and consistently misleads readers with stories that imply blame on is subject when .most all complaints are false flags.

    this is

  2. Sheila says

    Don’t know what Taylor is trying to prove actually. She’s good at what she does but this has been a bit too much. She’s already a billionaire! Everyone knows she’s a very nice compassionate person. In my opinion she should be with Kelsie instead of all over the country. She should be planning her future with him if that’s what she really wants. After all, she’s not getting younger. If she’s about family I think she should get moving with that. Up to her though. I just think the length of time they are apart is not a good thing in any relationship. Personal opinion.

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