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The Weird Thing An Exec Told Kelly Osbourne When She Quit ‘Freaky Friday’

The Weird Thing An Exec Told Kelly Osbourne When She Quit 'Freaky Friday'Wow, the pressure to fit into the image Hollywood loves to see is real and if you don’t have the confidence of a Dua Lipa, it might actually get to you.

As fans continue to speculate that the beloved actress and TV personality is on Ozempic, Kelly Osbourne has decided to take fans back to the time of her life when her fatness was made out to feel like a shame badge.

Kelly Osbourne – Says She Was Told She Could Be A Movie Star If She Lost Weight

Navigating the pressures of Hollywood as a upcoming star is not always easy, and even with superstar parents – Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne, hello – Kelly had her share of it.

On the May 21 episode of The Osbournes Podcast, the star, 39, recalled being called into a movie executive’s office just to receive a lecture on her weight.

“When I was a kid, I got pulled into the head of the agency’s office and he was putting golf balls into a cup and gave me a whole speech about how I was too fat for TV and I needed to lose weight, and that if I lost weight, I would look better,” she recalled.

While she chose not to publicly name the executive, she did share that the incident occurred after she landed a role in Disney’s 2003 adaptation of ‘Freaky Friday’ starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis.

“I just booked a movie with Lindsay Lohan, Freaky Friday. I was gonna play her best friend, and then it was right before mom got diagnosed with cancer, so I quit,” she explained. “And he was just saying, ‘You’re not a movie star, but you could be one if you lost weight.’ “

Her younger brother, Jack, 38, chimed it exclaiming that it was “the most L.A. s— ever.”
“I know,” Kelly agreed. “As he’s putting golf balls into a cup in his office. And I was just, like, this is the most insulting f—— [thing].”

Kelly has been open about the effect body-shaming comments have had on her life, like when she hid away from the public eye during her pregnancy to avoid hearing negative comments.

Just after welcoming her child at the time, the star posted sonogram pictures of her face. When critics wondered why, she explained she couldn’t bear any negative comments on her body soon after welcoming her baby.

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