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Dancing With The Stars Pros Jenna Johnson And Val Chmerkovskiy Reveal ‘Magical’ News!

Dancing With The Stars Pros Jenna Johnson And Val Chmerkovskiy Reveal 'Magical' News!Dancing With The Stars” (DWTS) professional dancers Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy have remained fan favorites for years. And ever since these dancing faves tied the knot in 2019, fans have wondered whether the couple would expand their family. Now Jenna feels ready to share the big news.

Find out what Johnson revealed about how she and Val look forward to their first baby. And learn what she shared about her adorable sense of disbelief. Get all the DWTS pregnancy news below!

Jenna Johnson And Val Chmerkovskiy Excited About Becoming Parents!

Dancing With The Stars” cast members often talk about how much they feel like a family. And the clan just might want to start planning a baby shower for two members of that informal clan. As Jenna Johnson told People, she and Val Chmerkovskiy feel thrilled after discovering her pregnancy.

The journey to parenthood began when Jenna and Val returned home from a trip to Cabo. “And about two weeks later I was like, ‘Wait a minute.’ My boobs are feeling very big and very sore. I haven’t started my period yet.’ So I peed on a stick,” recalled the 28-year-old pregnant DWTS pro.

Johnson didn’t need to wait long to go from peeing on a stick to a pregnancy celebration! “And immediately it just turned positive,” she shared. “The shock and just disbelief was insane. I couldn’t believe it because it it wasn’t an easy journey for us to get pregnant.” But now both she and Val have recovered from their shock to experience joy in looking forward to their first baby.

Jenna Johnson Calls Pregnancy ‘Magical’

When the DWTS pros first decided to aim for parenthood, they got stressed. But then they relaxed. And Jenna feels that removal of stress resulted in her pregnancy. But she does feel a sense of wonder in looking forward to co-parenting with her husband.

“It all seems so magical and meant to be,” gushed Jenna. “But everybody tells you, ‘When you just relax and you don’t put the stress on yourself, it happens for you.’ That’s exactly what happened. I think it was exactly when it was meant to be. Our little baby was created with a lot of love.”

As a result of her excitement, Johnson got creative in finding a way to tell Chmerkovskiy, 36, about his future fatherhood. “I went and I got these little Baby Jordans, these white sneakers,” she recalled. And the DWTS pregnant pro cleverly put the baby shoes in a box the same size of Val’s sneakers. “So he didn’t expect anything,” explained Jenna.

Jenna Johnson Finds Creative Way To Share Baby News With Hubby!

After adding two pregnancy tests to the box, Johnson eagerly awaited her husband’s return. “So he nonchalantly walked in and he, ironically enough, had a bag of Nikes. I was like, ‘Did you go shopping today?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, I got myself some new sneakers.’ I’m like, ‘No way. I got some too today.’ He came over and chucked off the lid of the box and started rummaging through it,” she added.

And when Val realized what it all meant, he did a double-take. “He looked at the shoes and was like, ‘How small are these sneakers?’ Then it hit him and his face. It was priceless!” added Jenna. 

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