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Days Of Our Lives Comings and Goings: Cameron Johnson Exits DOOL – Theo Carver Last Air Date Revealed

Days Of Our Lives Comings and Goings: Cameron Johnson Exits DOOL - Theo Carver Last Air Date RevealedDays Of Our Lives coming and goings reveal Cameron Johnson will be leaving DOOL and his final airdate is on Wednesday, April 28. Spoilers reveal that his character, Theo Carver, will exit the soap along with his best friend and soon-to-be girlfriend, Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal). Both Johnson and Konefal will be bowing out of the soap on the same date. Konefal returned to the show as a recurring character and her exit proves that it’s not a full-time gig.

Days Of Our Lives – Ciara Brady’s Memory Loss

Fans may recall that Ciara still can’t recall her memories. As she continues to struggle with amnesia, Ciara can’t understand her deep bond with Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). She doesn’t remember anything about their relationship. She can’t recall all the things that they’ve been through together, not even the fact that they were both in love with each other.

DOOL Spoilers – Ben Weston’s Efforts Pushes Ciara Brady Towards Theo Carver

Ben tried hypnosis on Ciara but it did more harm than good. She still can’t remember anything and the hypnosis just made her feel more confused. Ben wanted to try Dr. Wilhelm Rolf’s (William Utay) memory serum but he was unable to inject her.

Instead of gaining Ciara back, Ben’s efforts only pushed away from him and towards Theo’s direction. She’ll develop strong feelings for her friend and eventually choose him over her husband. Ciara will tell Theo about her feelings and they’ll end up planning to leave town together.

Days Of Our Lives – Ben Weston Tries To Stop Ciara Brady From Leaving

Ben tries to stop Ciara from leaving but he’ll realize that there’s nothing he can do. Fans will just have to wait to find out what he’ll do. But one thing’s for sure, his attempts will fail. He’ll have to admit defeat, at least for the time being.

He’ll throw in the towel at least for now but he’ll still hope that she’ll remember and come back to him soon. Ben will understand that she needs to regain her memories before she can have a change of heart. She’ll never understand her deep connection with Ben unless she remembers everything. Unfortunately, this won’t be happening anytime soon. He’ll bid Ciara goodbye while she and Theo head back to South Africa.

Is this the end for Ciara and Ben? Given that Konefal has a recurring role in the show, it means Ciara and Ben still have a chance to get back together. Fans will just have to wait for Theo and Ciara to return to Salem.

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