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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Abigail Interrogates Eli, Thinks She Can Beat Gabi by Using Lani’s Love

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Eli Grant’s (Lamon Archey)

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease Abigail DiMera (Kate Mansi) might have a plan on how she can defeat Gabi Hernandez DiMera (Camila Banus). She questions Eli Grant’s (Lamon Archey) feelings for the wicked widow. With the revelation that Lani Price (Sal Stowers) is coming back to reclaim her man, could Abigail use Eli’s bottled-up feelings for his runaway bride to stop Gabi in her tracks?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Gabi Hernandez DiMera’s New Target

DOOL spoilers reveal that Gabi still has the pacemaker app on her phone, but she is no longer focused on Lani since she left town. Not only that, but when Eli said Gabi is committed to another man, both Eli and Gabi assumed that she meant a human being. As fans know, Lani was referring to God.

With Gabi not focused on Lani, she has turned her attention to DiMera Enterprises. She is in control, but her power is threatened by Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) returning to town. Gabi know that Chad was good at his job, is a DiMera by blood and was Stefano DiMera’s (formerly Joseph Mascolo) favorite son. This makes him a threat, as well as her new target.

DOOL Spoilers: ‘Chabby’ Fight Back

Chad and Abigail know that Gabi can’t be trusted and must be stopped. However, they are careful about how they proceed. For a while, they were just going to wait for her to make a huge mistake, but then Stefano contacted Chad. The resurrected patriarch wants Gabi out of DiMera and asked for Chad’s help to make it happen.

However, they are encountering some obstacles. One is Gabi’s lover and head of security, Eli Grant. He is inquisitive, observant and nosy. He is bold, too and even though he could just snoop around in Chad’s laptop and not expect any resistance. Now, there is increased tension in the mansion, not just with Gabi, but between “Chabby” and Eli.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Interrogating Eli Grant

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Abigail will begin interrogating Eli about his feelings. Specifically, about how he feels toward Gabi. She will definitely use examples that his heart doesn’t belong with the widow. Before encountering Lani at the Italian convent, Abigail’s questions might not phase him. However, now that he’s been forced to confront his painful past, it might make Eli realize that he doesn’t love Gabi because he’s still in love with Lani.

DOOL Spoilers: Using Love as a Weapon

Gabi needs someone to do her dirty work for her. That is the purpose of having Eli around. Sure, being head of security is his job. However, he goes the extra mile because he is romantically involved with the woman. He also probably knows a lot of incriminating information about Gabi.

Rising up and taking control of DiMera Enterprises had her do some dirty deeds, some of which Eli knows about. If Abigail can put a wedge between the two, then Chad might have a chance of beating the widow at her game. She has always had two weaknesses… her daughter and her heart. By targeting one of those, it could put Gabi off balance, giving Chad a chance to get the upper hand.

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