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Days of Our Lives Spoilers And Recap Friday, October 18 – Hope Steals Stefano’s Portrait; Julie Needs A Pacemaker

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) - Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo)Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Friday, October 18, 2019, reveals Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) feels like it’s her fault that Kristen Dimera (Stacy Haiduk) is taking advantage of everyone.

Kristen blames herself for being pregnant. Nicole says Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) is tied to Kristen for life. Eric wants Nicole to stop beating herself up, she had to get her child back. Eric is proud of Brady. Eric leaves to go speak to Brady.

Nicole struggles with staying quiet about Sarah Horton’s (Linsey Godfrey) baby. Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) shows up and tells Nicole they have to keep quiet for two more weeks. Nicole plans to tell Eric about the baby as soon as he gets home. Eric arrives home and is upset to find Xander there.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Ciara Brady Is Worried About Her Mother

Days of Our Lives Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) gets Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) some medication for her headache. Ciara tells Hope that Jordan didn’t try to kill her. Ciara tells Hope that a drunk driver almost hit her. Ciara tells Hope how protective Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) was of her. Ciara’s worst fear is that Ben will kill Jordan Ridgeway (Chrishell Hartley). Hope tells Ciara people can lose their minds when their loved ones are threatened.

Hope understands because she felt the same about Jordan. Hope talks about shooting Stefano. Hope’s head begins to hurt again as she starts to leave Ciara. Ciara offers to drive Hope home but she refuses. Hope goes to the Dimera mansion and stares at Stefano Dimera’s (Joe Mascolo) portrait. Hope answers Kayla’s call and tells her she will be at the hospital soon, she has to take care of something first. Hope takes Stefano’s portrait into the Dimera tunnels.

Days of Our Lives Ben apologizes to Jordan. Jordan agrees that she can’t blame Ben for suspecting here. Jordan claims she wouldn’t do anything to be kept away from her child. Ben doesn’t understand why Jordan keeps saying he is a threat to Ciara. Jordan isn’t ready to trust Ben yet.

Jordan invites Ben and Ciara to her son’s birthday party tomorrow. Jordan says tomorrow can be a new start since they are each other’s only family. Ben goes home to Ciara and she tells him about Hope’s visit. Ben tells Ciara he went to see Jordan and she won’t believe what happened. Jordan plans to make it a party to remember.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Julie Williams Isn’t Out Of The Woods Just Yet

Days of Our Lives Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) tells Eli Grant (Lamon Archey), Lani Price (Sal Stowers), and Gabi Dimera (Camilla Banus) that Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) needs a pacemaker. Eli goes to talk to Doug and Julie, Gabi wants to talk to Lani. Gabi and Lani argue about Stefan. Eli comes back and says Julie wants the procedure done sooner. Gabi remembers that Kayla has to call the manufacturer of the pacemaker. Gabi goes home and makes a phone call.

Days of Our Lives Maggie Kiriakis finds out that Sarah is leaving town and is upset. Sarah jumps on to Xander Cook for telling Maggie she’s leaving. Xander tells Sarah he will do whatever it takes to keep her there. Eric walks into the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady. Eric announces that he knows about the baby. Sarah drops a tray, Eric asks if she’s ok. Sarah is shocked that Eric knows. Sarah asks how Eric found out. Eric explains that Nicole told him. Sarah starts to clean up her mess.

Eric apologizes for upsetting Sarah. Eric thought Sarah has already left. Sarah explains she’s not leaving for a couple of weeks. Sarah isn’t crazy about sharing the house with Kristen. Eric asks how Brady is doing. Sarah promises to tell Brady that Eric came by. Maggie’s knows something else is going on with Sarah and wants answers.

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