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Days of Our Lives Spoilers And Recap Thursday, May 7 – Ben Is Attacked; Justin Is Upset With Kayla

Days of Our Lives Cast Spoilers Justin Kiriakis, Wally Kurth NBC DOOL 2020Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and recap Thursday, May 7, 2020, reveals Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) and Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) discuss her bike. Ciara refers to Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) as Stefan Dimera (Brandon Barash).

Days of Our Lives Recap: Justin Learns Shocking News

Ciara promises to pick Ben up after work. Ciara goes to the hospital to visit her grandfather. Ciara has moved out of the mansion but can’t afford to keep staying at the Salem Inn. Ciara tells Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) about Jake. Justin asks about Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso).

Ciara tells Justin that Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) is staying with Hope. Justin says they don’t need another Dimera coming back from the dead. Ciara thought Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) would have told Justin. Ciara leaves as Kayla arrives. Justin wonders why Kayla didn’t tell him about Hope and Steve. Kayla says she didn’t purposely avoid telling him. Justin thinks Kayla is upset over it. Justin tells Kayla she has feelings she needs to deal with. Justin cancels their dinner.

Days of Our Lives Updates: Abby Is Missing

Days of Our Lives Justin stops by the hospital to check on Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston). Kayla wants to go to lunch, Justin can’t. Kayla and Justin plan to have dinner. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) asks Kayla about Steve. Kayla tells Marlena that Steve went home with Hope. Marlena wonders if Kayla is upset over Steve staying with Hope. Marlena says Stefano’s chip could affect both Steve and Hope. Marlena is afraid Hope and Steve may get too close. Kayla says the whole thing pisses her off.

Kayla says Steve could have left Salem and went back to where he came from. Kayla says there were many times when she and Steve were married that he wasn’t around. Kayla says Steve has hurt her over and over, Justin puts her first. Kayla cant turn off her feelings for Steve. Marlena thinks Kayla needs to be honest with her feelings. Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn) interrupts to asks about Abby Dimera (Kate Mansi). Kayla tells Chad to speak to Marlena about the drug. Chad says the chemist cannot tell him anything. Marlena says they don’t know the effects of the drug. Chad tells Marlena what happened last night. Chad tells Marlena about Gabi’s claims. Marlena cannot tell Chad that Abby will ever be back to normal. Chad runs to Marlena and tells her Abby is gone.

What Happened Today On Days of Our Lives: Steve and Hope Bond

Days of Our Lives Steve wakes up and sees the picture of him as Stephano Dimera (Stephen Nichols). Steve asks Hope about the portrait, Hope explains. Steve asks if Hope is herself or Princess Gina (Hope Brady). Hope tells Steve the police were there and dropped off all this stuff. Hope can’t believe she painted that. Steve asks if he really looked like this. Gina said Stefano thought so when he first saw it. Steve asks if Stefano was happy about this. Hope tells Steve that Stefano thought Steve wasn’t man enough to fill his shoes. Steve has an idea about what to do with the picture.

Steve thinks he and Hope should trash the stuff. Steve punches a whole in the portrait. Steve talks Hope into helping destroy Stefano and Gina’s stuff. Steve hopes he didn’t put Hope in the middle of something. Steve tells Hope that he told Kayla to stay with Justin, he could have had a choice. Hope says Kayla isn’t over Steve. Steve says Kayla is with Justin now and better off. Hope wants them all to be happy including Justin. Steve doesn’t see how Kayla can be happy with him again. Hope says they forgot to toast to gratitude. Steve says neither of them has any silicon left in their heads. Steve talks about terrorizing Kayla when he first came to town. Steve says things have come full circle, Hope disagrees. Hope tells Steve he’s always been there for her and toasts to friendship.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2020: Gabi Tells Chad The Stefan Is Alive

Days of Our Lives Gabi Dimera (Camila Banus) remembers her encounter with Jake. Gabi talks to Stefano’s portrait. Gabi says Stefan is alive. Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn) shows up and confronts Gabi. Gabi vows to prove that Stefan is alive. Gabi tells Chad about Jake. Chad tells Gabi she is insane. Gabi says she isn’t the only one who has seen Stefan. Gabi suggests Chad talk to Ben.

NBC Days Spoilers: Stefan Patches Up Gabi

Days of Our Lives Jake reads up on Stefan on the internet and remembers his encounter with Gabi. Ben asks Jake what’s going on. Jake is reading an interesting article about his wife. Jake says he met Gabi last night. Jake says he’s glad he isn’t Stefan. Gabi shows up at the shop. Jake asks how Gabi found him. Gabi says Jake said he worked in a garage. Gabi tries to get Ben to say this is Stefan.

Jake tells Gabi to leave. Gabi falls and Jake stands there. Ben helps Gabi up. Jake takes Gabi upstairs to patch her up. Ben shakes his head at the two of them. Jake tells Gabi he knows some stuff about her. Jake says Stefan was a jerk, Gabi says it takes one to know one. Jake hurts Gabi while patching her up. Two men approach Ben downstairs and threaten him. Jake asks Gabi if it’s safe to assume she won’t sue him. Gabi grabs Jake and kisses him as today’s DOOL episode ends with Ciara finding Ben on the floor.

  1. Guest says

    No to any form of Steve/Hope romance! Steve & Kayla love each other & need to be reunited!! I can’t handle Justin’s immature desperation anymore. I have to ff’d through it.

  2. Guest says

    Poor baby Mickey going to be taken by another crazy mother and go on the run-how ridiculous is this story arc by the day!
    Kayla and Justin need to end this’s becoming hard to watch! She asked Justin if he thought Steve/Hope were having an affair. Kayla you divorced Steve and Hope isn’t involved with anyone so, I’m not sure why you consider this an affair? Unless, you still feel married to the man you sent divorce papers too. Take a hint Justin..

  3. Guest says

    Reunite Steve/Kayla! Let Hope and Justin have a try.

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