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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers And Recap Wednesday, October 7 –Philip’s Secret Partner; Tripp Declares Innocence

Days Of Our Lives: Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams)NBC Days of Our Lives spoilers and recap for Wednesday, October 7, 2020, reveals Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) tells Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) that nothing happened and runs out of the police station on the soap opera.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Justin Kiriakis Has Reservations

Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) arrives and Justin tells him what Tripp is being charged with. Steve tells Justin what Tripp told him. Steve says his son would not have done this. Steve wants Justin to find out what they have on Tripp. Justin tells Steve this case could end up in court in London. Justin will stay Tripp attorney until they see where this is going.

DOOL Spoilers – Tripp Dalton Tries To Reason With Allie Horton

Days of Our Lives Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) tells Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) that she said no and Tripp held her down Claire suggests Allie talk to Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). Allie rushes home to check on the baby and Nicole Brady (Arianne Zucker). Tripp knocks on the door and demands to know why Allie said he raped her. Tripp says there is no way he raped her. Tripp says he took Allie home as she asked.

Tripp tells Allie she was wasted and couldn’t possibly remember anything from that night. Tripp tells Allie they did not have sex the only contact they had was when she kissed him. Allie asks how she ended up pregnant. Allie didn’t get a note but insists that Tripp raped her. Allie claims to remember Tripp holding her down and raping her. Allie says she knew when she woke up she knew what Tripp had done.

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Tripp tries to convince her that he didn’t do anything. Allie threatens to call the police, Nicole interrupts. Nicole refers to the baby as Tripp’s son. Tripp doesn’t want to make trouble, he knows he and Allie did not have sex. Tripp tries to explain to Nicole that he came home to finish medical school. Nicole threatens to call the police as well and Tripp leaves. Allie says Tripp seemed so shocked by all of this. Nicole asks if Allie is sure it was Tripp. Allie says her son exists because of Tripp, she expected him to act differently.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Philip Kiriakis Thinks Xander Kiriakis Is Gone For Good

Days Of Our Lives Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) demands that Xander Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) explain himself concerning Peter’s arrest. Victor tells Xander he gave him a chance and he blew it. Victor fires Xander and throws him out of the company. Jan Spears (Heather Lindell) arrives as Victor calls her a homicidal maniac. Victor demands to know how Jan got in there. Jan wants to speak to Xander. Victor says her partner in crime is clearing out his desk right now and Jan won’t be finishing what she started years ago.

Xander threatened Philip after he continues to push him. Victor says that Jan may have fooled those people at the mental institution but she’s not fooling him. Jan tells Victor that Xander called to ask her to back off. Philip has called a board meeting to get rid of Xander. Philip brings up the gardener’s assistant job. Xander threatens to kill Philip. Jan plays the recording for Victor. Victor accuses Jan of going after Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) again. Jan says Victor needs to realize that you can’t threaten to kill a woman and get away with it.

Next on today’s Days of Our lives recap, Philip orders Charlie to get rid of Xander’s stuff. Xander confronts Victor about firing him. Victor tells Xander he listened to Jan’s message. Victor tells Xander to work with Philip and think about what is best for the company. Philip calls someone and says there is no one to stand in the way of their plans for Titan.

DOOL Spoilers – Claire Brady Meets A New Man

Days of Our Lives Claire trips and throws her drink all over Charlie Dale (Mike C. Manning). Claire says she owes Charlie a new shirt. Charlie says this is twice he’s ended up wearing a smoothie today. Charlie tells Claire he works at Titan. Claire says she is related to both of them.

Claire explains how she is Victor’s granddaughter. Claire says Charlie doesn’t want to get mixed up in the corporate world. Charlie asks Claire to go out with him. Claire says not tonight, Charlie thinks it’s a brush off. Charlie asks Claire what is going on with her life right now. Claire tells him about Ciara Weston’s (Victoria Konefal) death and her ex-boyfriend. Charlie gives Claire his card. Tripp runs into Claire who cusses him. Allie says she sees Tripp for what he really is and so will everyone else.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Kayla Brady Believes Allie Horton

Days of Our Lives Nicole overhears Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) on the phone with the medical school. Nicole thinks Kayla needs to know the whole story. Kayla says if the baby is Tripp’s he will take care of him. Nicole says it’s more complicated than that. Kayla asks what Nicole is talking about. Nicole tells Kayla that Allie told the police that Tripp raped her. Kayla asks when these memories resurfaced, Nicole refuses to answer and leave. Steve goes to speak to Kayla and asks if she has seen Tripp.

Kayla tells Steve she knows what happened. Steve tells Kayla Tripp’s side of the story. Kayla tells Steve Allie’s side. Steve says this is not true. Steve accuses Nicole of egging Allie on. Steve asks if Kayla believes this. Kayla tells Steve that she and Tripp talked earlier and he said maybe he hadn’t changed as much as people hoped. Kayla tells Steve about Tripp planting the evidence against Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). Steve tries to explain to Kayla the Tripp dodged the question because he didn’t want to discuss this in front of Claire. Steve is upset that Kayla believes Allie and not Tripp.

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