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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers and Rumors: The Phoenix Rises Again! Dr. Rolf Implants The Stefano Chip In Himself

NBC Days of our Lives spoilers and rumors tease that DOOL fans may not have seen the last of the Salem DiMera patriarch chip implantations. Are you ready for Rolfano? This week we saw Dr. Rolf (William Utay) return to Salem looking for the essence of the late Stefano DiMera.

It was on a chip that had been removed from Days Of Our Lives Patch Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols), aka Patchano, head. Now it looks like that chip will next be implanted in Dr. Rolf.  Here are three reasons why the Stefano chip will soon live on in Dr. Rolf.

#1 The Chip Was Not Burned To A Crisp After All

Dr. Rolf confronted Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and demanded he gives him the chip with Stefano’s essence on it. Chad said no can do, and told him that the chip was burned by him and his brother Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis). The wretched wail that emanated from Rolf was spinetingling but surely he doesn’t think that the chip is a total loss?

The bag that contained the burned chip did not look all that bad; the chip could have been mostly ok. And Dr. Rolf has the skills to bring the dead back to life, surely he can resuscitate a simple little chip? After all the chip itself was minuscule, how much damage could have been done to it?

#2 Dr. Rolf Is Too Smart To Limit Himself

But if the chip is a goner, ask yourself: Would Rolf make just one Stefano DiMera chip? No, he would not. He loved his boss to the moon and back and if it were up to him the planet would be inhabited by a million Stefano DiMera’s. Which points to the obvious fact that there has to be more than one chip.

It could be that Rolf went after the most obvious chip after he escaped prison. There has got to be copied, Dr. Rolf may be a mad scientist but he is not a sloppy scientist. Would he really risk having Stefano being eliminated from the world by making only one copy?

#3 Chad DiMera Uttered Prophetic Words That Can’t Be Ignored

After Chad broke the news to Rolf, he said something very eye-opening. He said, “The Phoenix will rise again.” Whoa!

That line was not written nor uttered without a reason. And Rolf is on a mission for a reason. In this case, 2+2 equals a Stefano essence implanted in Dr. Rolf! Why would Rolf want the chip if not to implant it in himself?

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  1. Guest says

    I find it amusing!! I wonder if his accent will change…hmm??!!

  2. Guest says

    I am so surprise to see what happened today. a lot of stories going around and leaving you to think of what is next. i love your bring in the actors coming back

  3. Guest says

    DOOL is too stupid. I'm done w/ it. What a waste of an hour

  4. Guest says

    DOOL is stupid and annoying. I'm not wasting 5 hours a week .I'll find something else to do.

  5. Guest says

    This storyline is so stupid, everyone I know thinks so. but if he does it on himself & no one we care about it will be better then if someone we loved, it's still stupid though let the memory & Joe RIP.

  6. Guest says

    Let Stephano Rest In Peace. Can’t they come up with another bad guy that we would love to hate?

  7. Guest says

    Rolfano! I love it so creative.

  8. Guest says

    I'm having a good laugh at the writers!!

  9. lhasamom says

    Rolfano? Rolfano??? For the love of Jesus, please just let Days DIE!!! It "jumped the shark YEARS" ago, when they killed EJ. Fire the damned stupid writers! Why not ask fans for their input? We have better ideas, BECAUSE WE KNOW AND WATCH THE SHOW!!! We know the back story, so we could actually write a storyline for the character THAT MADE SENSE!!! What an absolutely novel idea!!!!

  10. Guest says

    I’ve been watching diol for 29 years
    Please bring Ciara back then stop bringing people back from the dead
    It’s so stupid I’d hate to have to stop watching because of all the stupid Stu the writers are doing

  11. Guest says

    This bringing back to life and being obsessed with Stefan is ridiculous and it needs to be done and gone along with bringing dead people back.

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